Blast Voice Mail was originally developed by Client Instant Access over 23 years ago. It allows the user to easily send voice messages to an entire client base within a short period of time. Users simply access our intuitive, web-based system to record and send their messages with simple clicks of a mouse. We offer two types of Blast Voice Mail service – Premium and Express. Each offers different levels of functionality and reporting to best accommodate our customers’ needs.

Premium Service

Premium Blast Voice Mail is CIA’s 99% accurate, feature-rich option which offers detailed reporting and personal attention paid to every blast. Premium users may choose to send their voice messages either during the overnight hours of the recording date or at specific later dates and times. Premium service features the following:

Operations Department Monitoring = 99% Accuracy Rate

CIA’s Operations Dept. ensures that Premium Blasts and contact lists are as accurate as possible by manually calling numbers when necessary, identifying the reasons why a number was not successfully dialed and updating numbers for the user. Operations also reviews every Premium Blast Report prior to it being sent, another level of personal, hands-on attention only offered by CIA.

Detailed Blast Reports

Unparalleled in the industry, CIA’s Premium Blast Reports not only reveal who received a voice message and who did not but also the specific reasons for unsuccessful deliveries. Customers indicate that Premium Blast Reports reduce time spent managing internal databases by 50% or more, and CIA can also execute a batch upload of revised lists so that the user’s existing CRM is updated.


Any voice message may be downloaded from the CIA interface to the user’s PC. In addition, CIA can create a monthly CD-ROM archive of all recordings to send to the user.

Express services

CIA’s Express Blast Voice Mail reduces costs via a less labor-intensive platform. Users may choose to send their voice mail blasts immediately or at a specific later time and date. The computer-generated Blast Reports identify whether or not messages were received and provide general feedback regarding the reasons why messages were not delivered. (For more detailed reporting and the highest successful delivery rate available, please see Premium Blast Voice Mail service.) Express service features:

Blast Reports

Emailed upon blast completion, Express service’s Blast Reports provide the opportunity to update contact lists with non-working or erroneous phone numbers. As with Premium service, CIA can execute a batch upload for revised lists so that the user’s existing CRM is updated.

Web-Based List Creation & Management

As they can with Premium service, Express service users may log onto our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to create, access and modify lists and contacts. Users may also have unlimited numbers of lists and contacts.

Delivery Options

Express Blast Voice Mail users may choose to have their messages left when either a voice mail box or a live person is reached, or both. CIA’s Dual Message Delivery feature allows users to leave two different messages for voice mail boxes and live answers.