Posted on Jul 12, 2018

Are you GDPR Ready? Did you choose the right Telecommunications Provider

Privacy and security has always been a cornerstone of Client Instant Access and the protection of data. Client Instant Access retains the Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification and is the The Provider of Choice on Wall Street for over 20 years because of the dedicated approach to a secure and… READ MORE
Posted on Jun 28, 2018

Operator Assisted Conference Calling Benefits

Operator Assisted Conference Calling requires well-trained operators who organize and manage conference calls for large organizations each and every day of the week. They must be highly qualified and able to manage complicated premium conference calls without any issues for the client. If you ever have a large volume conference… READ MORE
Posted on Jun 15, 2018

Keep the Blood Flowing

Blast Voicemail from Client Instant Access offers a reliable solution to the challenge of blood shortages Nearly 12 million units of blood are used every year, and the lives of 4.5 million Americans depend on these transfusions. No matter what the circumstance, whether it is open-heart surgery, a serious laceration… READ MORE
Posted on May 24, 2018

How A Wall Street Research Analyst Became More Productive

Client Instant Access is your most important telecommunications partner How can Client Instant Access (CIA) make a typical day in the life of an analyst simpler and more productive? With a suite of products designed to tackle all of your telecommunications needs, CIA is a valuable partner to boost your… READ MORE
Posted on May 10, 2018

Find Your Lost Customers – Proactive Communication Campaigns Using IDD

Get Proactive: connect with clients, motivate your team and build revenue with a web-based dialer application It is a common dilemma: how does a company reach out to customers that have fallen off the radar, either because of expired billing information, lapsed renewals or any number of factors that conspire… READ MORE
Posted on May 03, 2018

Why Security Matters When Hosting Conference Calls

In a world where privacy and security is of most importance, it’s crucial to have access to a reliable conference call center that is secure and robust. By choosing the right advanced tools, you can ensure that you are compliant within state and federal regulations and have protection against any… READ MORE
Posted on Apr 26, 2018

A Bold Leap into Asia – International Conference Calling and Advanced Messaging

Client Instant Access and Tata Communications partner to provide superior international conference calling and advanced messaging Client Instant Access and Tata Communications have forged a strategic partnership that will enable the company to extend its state-of-the-art messaging system to the Asian Pacific region. Moving from an Internet based model to… READ MORE
Posted on Apr 12, 2018

Client Instant Access Helps Real Estate Agencies

Services And Tools That Help Real Estate Agents Be More Efficient Client Instant Access’s products have garnered acclaim from some of the biggest banks in the world, and one of the reasons for this is because of their multi-use nature. Our Blast Voicemail, Integrated Dialer system, and Conference Calling are… READ MORE
Posted on Apr 04, 2018

Blast Voicemail and IDD Help Theaters Fill Seats

One of the theater industries biggest challenges is selling out shows.  While shows like Hamilton and The Lion King may have no trouble with this, most playhouses are not as famous as Broadway. However, CIA’s products help theaters distinguish themselves and draw larger audiences.  The unique voice central products help… READ MORE
Posted on Mar 28, 2018

How Call Logging Can Save The Day

Call-logging Can Reduce Hassle, Save Sales And Keep You Organized Client Instant Access’s Integrated Daytime Dialer (IDD) allows users to become incredibly efficient, making and logging calls in a fraction of the time.  IDD allows this to happen through its click to dial feature. However, the unsung hero of this… READ MORE
Posted on Mar 08, 2018

Reaching a Wider Audience With Blast Voicemail

Many companies and corporations often face the same issue when placing calls to potential clients, customers, or patients.  That issue is reaching a large number of people and conveying an effective and personal message to them. Client Instant Access, however, has allowed businesses to do just this.  With CIA’s Blast… READ MORE
Posted on Feb 15, 2018

Flu Season? Enter CIA’s Blast Voicemail.

How A Healthcare Agency Was Able To Get The Word Out The first days of winter also mean that the first days of flu season arrived.  For healthcare firms, making sure the public is well stocked with flu shots and making sure people are vaccinated can often be a logistical… READ MORE
Posted on Jan 26, 2018

Hosting Earnings Calls with Complete Confidence

Earnings calls are made easy with Client Instant Access In the financial industry, earnings calls are a big event. They are an opportunity for companies to emphasize successes during prosperous times and address concerns during challenging times. The information that is relayed during an earnings call is critical and helps… READ MORE
Posted on Dec 20, 2017

VIDEO: Are You Prepared For MiFID II

Sarbanes–Oxley, Dodd Frank and now MiFID II Client Instant Access has answered the call before Complying with MIFID II is not optional! Track and Archive all Voice Communication using advanced voice Based technology from CIA The clock is counting down to MiFID II and CIA has the custom solutions to ensure… READ MORE
Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Keeping Alumni Connected

Client Instant Access’s motto is “getting your message across.”  It has served as a good summation for our mission  as a company and reflects client needs that are widespread across many industries and areas. One popular use where our products help organizations get their messages across is the use by… READ MORE
Posted on Nov 27, 2017

Global Premium Calling Services: Australia

For the past 20 years, Client Instant Access has had a global presence in all parts of the world. The popularity of Client Instant Access services in Australia are a shining example of the exceptional quality service clients have come to expect. CIA has been  recognized as a top vendor… READ MORE
Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Using Voice Blast Voice Mail To Communicate Research and Updates

Client Instant Access offers clients that use Blast Voice Mail and the Instant Daytime Dialer unique options for communicating with their clients and contacts.  The most prevalent is the use of Blast Voice Mail by Research Analysts.  It has proven to be the most consistently used, as well as the… READ MORE
Posted on Nov 10, 2017

Do You Need Premium Conference Calling?

From operator-assisted options for large events or quarterly earnings release calls to fully automated choices for smaller, day-to-day calls, our selection of products and attention to detail are second to none. No matter what the purpose of conference calling, the efficiency and success of the call is of utmost importance.… READ MORE
Posted on Nov 01, 2017

Get Out the Vote!

Client Instant Access connects candidates to voters quickly and efficiently The most important part of an election, whether it is a presidential race or a local town council selection, is reaching out to citizens and potential voters. Every vote counts, and, as every anxious campaign manager knows, turnout can make… READ MORE
Posted on Oct 05, 2017

Industries Taking Advantage of Blast Voicemail During Natural Disasters

During the recent hurricane season, many industries called on Client Instant Access to assist with navigating the logistical nightmare of communicating to workers, customers and residents to ensure safety and a rapid response. Resort clients benefited greatly from BVM during the recent natural disasters.  Using BVM, resorts were able to… READ MORE
Posted on Sep 27, 2017

Blast Voice Mail to the Rescue During Hurricane Season

With hurricane season ramping up and two Category 4-5 storms making landfall on the United States, many people in affected areas are dependent on supplies and instructions from emergency service organizations.  However, with millions of people often displaced or affected, this can be a challenge to first responders. In these… READ MORE
Posted on Sep 01, 2017

Client Instant Access Offers Smart Solution to Pollsters

During election season, Instant Daytime Dialer helps pollsters make thousands of calls in less time Political polls are an essential tool to engage the voting public and to inform campaigns during the competitive election season. Pollsters survey thousands of people to gauge public opinion and to provide valuable insight to… READ MORE
Posted on Aug 29, 2017

Give Me 5 Good Reasons Why I Should Use an Integrated Dialer Application

Time, Accuracy, Flexibility, Organization and Support Here’s the challenge: take your huge customer database, attempt to contact large numbers of people at once, personalize the experience and make the process efficient and cost effective. Impossible? Not if you use an integrated dialer application. For organizations that need to contact hundreds… READ MORE
Posted on Aug 10, 2017

Alert! Using Blast Voice Mail To Tackle Complex Communications

Solutions For The Education Industry Communication within the education sector is unique in many ways. Outreach is needed for students, parents, faculty and staff, with multiple messages and multiple audiences. Client Instant Access (CIA) offers a suite of services that provide telecommunication solutions to educators from elementary school to college.… READ MORE
Posted on Aug 03, 2017

Seeking Cover From MIFID II

Client Instant Access Solutions That Can Integrate With Your CRM When the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MIFID II) takes effect on January 1, 2018, financial services firms with offices anywhere in the EU will need to comply with its requirements. The Challenge of Supervision and Compliance As part… READ MORE
Posted on Jul 24, 2017

MiFID II – How Research Needs to be Tracked and Billed

This MiFID II related article outlines charging for Research. One of the main focuses of MiFID II is tracking research that must be billed to clients. Using the Client Instant Access Click to Dial system accurately tracks the time spent releasing research information. The Client Instant Access Click to Dial… READ MORE
Posted on Jul 20, 2017

Blast Voice Mail and Daytime Dialer Video

CIA’s Instant Dialer helps you redefine the way you communicate while empowering yourself to become more efficient and organized.  The system is easy and ready to help you take your business to the next level.  Watch the video to learn more. Here’s how it works: Features: Managing Call Lists Take… READ MORE
Posted on Jul 15, 2017

Meeting the Challenge of MiFID 2

Powerful services from Client Instant Access will help brokers comply with Europe’s new financial legislation Recently, the European Commission revised legislation that regulates firms who provide services to clients linked to financial instruments, including shares, bonds and derivatives. Known as Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2 (MiFID 2), the regulations represent a… READ MORE
Posted on Jun 15, 2017

MiFID II Updates and Guidance

Banks and capital markets institutions responding to The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II legislation is fast approaching.  Just about every large Bank and Capital Markets Institution has started preparations.  It is critical that any organization have a thorough understanding of the impact on operations and a clear plan… READ MORE
Posted on Mar 28, 2017

Advantages Of Voice Communications Part 2: Business Relationships

When it comes to business relationships, specifically between a salesperson and client, frequent communication is critical.   But distance and time can make face to face communication unrealistic.  A salesperson or business development professional must have consistent and effective lines of communications to nurture successful client relationships.  Use of impersonal communication… READ MORE
Posted on Mar 09, 2017

Client Engagement – Voice, SMS, Email, Social Media

Part 1 in a 4 Part Series In the coming weeks, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses associated with various engagement tools that businesses use today including voice, email, SMS and social media.  This debate has been at the center of business communications for years now, and has companies wondering… READ MORE
Posted on Mar 02, 2017

The Provider of Choice on Wall Street

Since its birth in 1997, Client Instant Access has acquired a long list of the most impressive Wall Street banks as clients.  But how could one company quietly build so many strong relationships with major banks?  The answer is a combination of the company’s strong products, and more specifically, the… READ MORE
Posted on Feb 22, 2017

With Cisco Unified Application Environment 8.5 No Longer Supported, IDD Stands Tall

Recently, Cisco has halted the sale of and stopped supporting the Unified Application Environment 8.5, a major dialer for banks and callers.  This has forced some companies to look for a different dialer, one particularly with better compliance. Client Instant Access’s Instant Daytime Dialer provides an efficient, compliant replacement to… READ MORE
Posted on Feb 15, 2017

Top Ten Uses for Instant Daytime Dialer (IDD)

The Integrated Daytime Dialer from Client Instant Access has a wide variety of uses across scores of industries.  Here are some of the best uses. 10. Travel Agencies: Travel agents can use IDD to communicate with large client lists about different kinds of deals to exotic locations they are offering. … READ MORE
Posted on Jan 26, 2017

Sell-side Capital Markets: Preparing for MiFID II

Recently, the European Commission revised legislation that regulates firms who provide services to clients linked to financial instruments, including shares, bonds and derivatives. Known as Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2 (MiFID 2), the regulations represent a widespread change for the financial industry. The primary intent of MiFID 2 is to reduce… READ MORE
Posted on Jan 18, 2017

No CRM? No Problem

Client Instant Access provide a one-stop shop for all customer communication and CRM needs. CRM’s are a huge part of any company’s day-to-day operations.  However, the process of using one can become complex and inefficient.  Customers will use a calling service, and then record customer relations in a different CRM.… READ MORE
Posted on Nov 03, 2016

Introducing the Candi Sidebar App – How Sweet it is!

Connecting with clients through Salesforce has never been easier or more efficient Salesforce is the most ubiquitous customer relationship management software in use today. It enables users to generate leads, to manage data and to analyze customer activity. But its most basic and important utility is to provide a platform… READ MORE
Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Client Instant Access, LLC Sets Its Sights on Candi

PARSIPPANY, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Client Instant Access, LLC introduces “candi,” a revolutionary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) App through Salesforce that provides clients with maximum detailed reporting, feature-rich options, and compliance tools directly into the hands of the user with nothing more than a click. “We knew that we needed a creative and… READ MORE