Build a community of loyal customers that will sing your praises

There’s nothing more powerful than a satisfied customer. The person that evangelizes for your brand is a valuable key influencer, someone who is likely to spread a positive message about your products and services to anyone who will listen. Conversely, there are few things as corrosive as a dissatisfied customer. The person who is vocal with his/her frustration about your brand is someone who is likely to spread a negative message about your products and services to anyone who will listen.

To build brand loyalty and to ensure that your customers will sing your praises, establish a communications strategy that includes direct outreach. CIA’s messaging and dialing services including an Integrated CRM Dialer, Blast Voice Mail, Blast Email and Blast SMS, are particularly useful to customer service representatives and other employees in the retail industry who need to communicate with large numbers of clients. In fact, retail analysts using CIA’s services have reported profit increases of 25% to 125% in addition to dramatically improved customer retention rates.

Alerting customers to product launches, discounts, promotions and order shipment status increases brand awareness and sales while strengthening customer loyalty. Targeted, demographic specific messaging connects customers with product and services they want and need. Follow-ups on purchases and warranty information enable you to track feedback and stay ahead of potential problems.

CIA’s services are perfect for:

  • Building a loyal customer base
  • Outreach to targeted demographics
  • Feedback on products and services
  • Promotions, sales and special offers
  • Warranty information and recalls

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