Go to the head of the class by connecting with students, faculty, parents and staff

With budgets and staff stretched to the limit, it’s no wonder that school districts, private schools and public and private colleges across the nation are looking for ways to save money and increase the efficiency of their communication. With multiple audiences including students, faculty members and parents, schools are compelled and often required by law, to reach out via phone, email and SMS, in multiple languages. And because each institution is different and locally controlled, there’s no universal standard for outreach and contact.

CIA has out of the box solutions that are flexible and powerful to meet the challenges of the education sector. CIA products, including an Integrated CRM Dialer, Blast Voice Mail, Blast Email and Blast SMS, have clear applications within school systems at every level. Using our products, schools make the year run more smoothly by quickly and clearly broadcasting school emergencies and closings, changes in schedules, PTA and Board of Education meetings and special communications from school administrators.

Institutions such as colleges and universities use our products for recruitment reminders, admission and payment deadlines, student loan collections, alumni events, fundraisers and emergencies. Schools across the spectrum can use our email, phone and SMS services to update student statuses, attendance issues and grades. Administrators and teachers can hold meetings across multiple sites with our conference calling services. Parents can stay in touch and engaged with their student’s education. Finally, every message can be tailored and customized according to an institution’s needs.

CIA’s services are perfect for:

  • Public education, private schools and higher education
  • Emergency closings, announcements and reminders
  • Grade, attendance and status reporting
  • Fundraising, community outreach and recruiting
  • Engagement and flexible communication

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