Reduce costs, get in compliance and increase your bottom line
We learned an early and important lesson from our clients in the finance industry: the faster and more efficient the message, the higher the likelihood it will bear fruit. We built our communication infrastructure with that mantra in mind. In fact, the innovative technologies we developed and pioneered for Blast Voice Mail and an Integrated CRM Dialer were shaped and perfected using the direct feedback of thousands of analysts.

CIA’s suite of products and services are fully SOC 2 Certified, allowing our many customers in the finance industry to rest assured that their information is fully protected and in compliance in the key areas of availability, confidentiality, privacy, processing integrity and security. Our tools are designed to meet these critical regulatory guidelines and we have deep experience and expertise in the financial sector.

Financial employees use Blast Voice Mail, the Integrated CRM Dialer and CIA’s Conference Calling to quickly and reliably transmit information to large numbers of people at minimal expense. With Blast Voice Mail, financial employees in new territories can introduce themselves to their entire client bases at lightning speed. Fund managers and advisors use Blast Voice Mail in conjunction with email campaigns to drive business, resulting in greater prospect interest and improved client retention. CIA’s Conference Calling regularly helps the financial industry announce quarterly earnings, and its Integrated CRM Dialer has become an invaluable communication tool within sales and research. Combined with rigorous, built-in compliance options and other customizable features, CIA’s secure, integrated services have been lauded by Wall Street as “the best tools on the desktop”.

CIA’s services are perfect for:

  • SOC 2 certification and compliance
  • Transmission of information to large groups
  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Client outreach and retention
  • Communication for sales and research


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