Keep in touch with the health and wellness of your organization

Health care is about connections: doctors to patients, caregivers to families, hospitals to communities. At every touch point, innovation is required to keep up with the increasing expectations for patient care, specialized services and health care regulations. Health care organizations are challenged to meet these expectations by improving patient experience to create better outcomes and by improving systems to realize cost-efficiency. Communication is at the heart of these goals.

CIA has the tools to maximize communication for doctors, patients and families. At the same time, we recognize the sensitivity of private health information. Additional regulations by the Federal Communications Commission, effective October 16, 2013, have opened up new ways for those in health care to communicate with the public. CIA’s services, including an Integrated CRM Dialer, Blast Voice Mail, Blast Email and Blast SMS, are designed to help your health care organization connect more accurately, expediently and securely than ever before.

Combined with our varied compliance tools, detailed reporting, transcription and archiving services, CIA is a virtual one-stop shop for your telecommunications needs.

Critical, time-sensitive messages and information can be sent in real time. Medical professionals can reach out to patients for preventative health care measures and scheduling. Outreach to health care professionals by pharmaceutical representatives and medical device companies can be customized and shaped by audience. Targeted service line promotions can be tailored to specific demographics including OBGYN, bariatric, and primary care services. Finally, billing, insurance follow-up and office visits can be organized and coordinated through our flexible and intuitive tools.


CIA’s services are perfect for:

  • FCC compliance and regulations
  • Reporting, transcription and archiving services
  • Critical, time sensitive messages and information
  • Scheduling, billing and insurance requirements
  • Service line and pharmaceutical marketing


Contact CIA today to learn how our services and solutions can be optimized to meet the needs of your patients and your organization.