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CIA Conference Calling

CIA has an unparalleled range of conference calling services and is the provider of choice for many Fortune 500 companies. We use state-of-the-art digital conferencing technology with superior sound quality. From operator-assisted options for large event or quarterly earnings release calls to fully automated choices for smaller, day-to-day calls, our selection of products and attention to detail are second to none.

Event / Quarterly Earnings Release Calls

CIA’s “Event Call” program enables customers to execute large conference calls and quarterly earnings release calls with professionalism and ease. Pre-conference consultation with a CIA Meeting Manager and continuous, dedicated operator assistance are standard, as are separate codes for chairpersons and participants, which provide added security and convenience of call entry. “Back door lines” enable CIA and conference chairs to communicate in private during a call, and chairpersons may opt to have CIA send call invitations and/or have participants pre-register online for a call. They may also choose between a “Listen Only” call or one featuring a CIA-moderated Q-and-A session.

Standard Operator-Assisted Conference Calls

For calls involving 25 people or fewer, a one-time use, single code is given to all participants. Continuous, dedicated operator assistance throughout the call is standard, to gather participant information and monitor the call for sound quality. Customers may choose between Dial In Only calls or Dial In/Dial Out calls, wherein the participants dial in to the conference themselves and then CIA dials out to specified participants or the chairperson at the designated start time.

Automated Conference Calls

Automated Conference Calling is a Dial In Only service and is generally for 5-25 participants. A one-time use number is provided for each call. Invoicing may easily be broken out by case numbers or attorney codes, which makes Automated Conference Calling particularly popular among law firms.

Conference on Demand

Conference on Demand is CIA’s most cost-effective conference calling option. Entirely automated and reservation-free, Conference on Demand service allows users to hold calls at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the same participant and entry codes.

Instant Daytime Dialer (IDD) System

CIA’s Instant Daytime Dialer (IDD) is a web-based tool which allows you to quickly and easily call and communicate with large groups of people at minimal expense. IDD is conveniently accessible from the office, home or anywhere with a phone and an internet connection, and it eliminates the stress and repetition normally involved with making multiple outbound calls.

How does IDD work?

IDD is easy to use. The first step is to log in to our online portal from your PC, laptop or tablet. Once logged in, select your phone number from the drop-down list (or enter a new number) and click on “Call Me.” Your phone will then ring and once you answer it, you are connected to the IDD system. Next, select one of your contact lists and a pre-recorded, saved message, or follow the simple directions to create a new one. Once connected to the IDD system with a list and message selected, you may begin calling the numbers on the list simply by clicking on them. When you reach voice mail, you have two options. Selecting “Leave Message” without waiting for the tone will instantly “drop” your pre-recorded message into the person’s inbox. Alternately, you can personalize a message by waiting for the tone, leaving a live, customized introduction and then clicking “Play Message” to instantly add the pre-recorded content. This gives the impression that the entire message was created and left just for that individual. When a call is physically answered by someone, IDD conveniently allows you to speak live with the person.

Why IDD?

Consistency - Never again will you have to repeat yourself over and over throughout the day, as the system instantly delivers the same crisp, enthusiastic and effective message every time

Productivity - IDD reduces a two-hour call session to about 30 minutes, as you click your mouse to dial numbers and to instantly “drop” messages into voice mail

Cost Savings - IDD lowers your phone bills, as CIA assumes the outbound long distance and local phone charges for each call

Simplicity - No additional hardware, software or telecommunications equipment is necessary

Convenience - IDD can easily be integrated with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

Additional features
and details:

Every call has a “Notes” field which you may use to summarize a live conversation or flag a call for follow-up

Contact lists can be sorted name, company, phone number or priority level according to your needs

Contact Lists and recordings can be shared and un-shared with your coworkers, and there are no limits to the numbers of lists and recordings you can have

Detailed call reporting is available at your fingertips, including time and date stamps for each call as well as whether voice mail was reached or a call was answered live

CIA provides unlimited training via phone and web conferencing, with on-site training available based on the user’s location

CIA’s Customer Service Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for support

Contact CIA today to learn more about putting our Instant Daytime Dialer to work for your business.

CIA’s Mobile App for Blast Voice Mail

This app provides you with an extension of the CIA web-based portal for convenient management of your Blast Voice Mail service, no dial-in number required. It allows you to access all the features of your account from anywhere with a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. The app may be used with the Premium and the Express Blast Voice Mail services and, coming soon in 2014, it will also feature Instant Daytime Dialer (IDD) capability.

Record iPhone

Record Anywhere with Superior Sound Quality.

Voice Mail Blast iPhone

Schedule a Voice Mail Blast From Anywhere

Access iPhone

Access Existing Content

Automatic iPhone

Automatic Reports

Other Services

CIA offers additional services which complement our Instant Daytime Dialer, Blast Voice Mail and Conference Calling. These services include Blast Email, Blast Fax, Blast SMS and Web Conferencing, and they make CIA a true one-stop shop for your messaging and conferencing needs. For more information, please contact us at

CIA Blast Email

CIA’s Blast Email maximizes the effectiveness of this vital method of communication and exponentially increases productivity by allowing our clients to simultaneously send emails to unlimited numbers of people.

CIA Blast Fax

Blast Fax allows you to send a fax to unlimited groups of fax numbers with minimal effort and in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

CIA Web Conferencing

CIA’s Web Conferencing is for everyday use by people of all skill levels. It is available anytime from any computer with an internet connection.

Blast Voice Mail

Blast Voice Mail was originally developed by Client Instant Access over 17 years ago. It allows the user to easily send voice messages to an entire client base within a short period of time. Users simply access our intuitive, web-based system to record and send their messages with simple clicks of a mouse. We offer two types of Blast Voice Mail service – Premium and Express. Each offers different levels of functionality and reporting to best accommodate our customers’ needs.

Premium Service

Premium Blast Voice Mail is CIA’s 99% accurate, feature-rich option which offers detailed reporting and personal attention paid to every blast. Premium users may choose to send their voice messages either during the overnight hours of the recording date or at specific later dates and times. Premium service features the following:

Operations Department Monitoring = 99% Accuracy Rate

CIA’s Operations Dept. ensures that Premium Blasts and contact lists are as accurate as possible by manually calling numbers when necessary, identifying the reasons why a number was not successfully dialed and updating numbers for the user. Operations also reviews every Premium Blast Report prior to it being sent, another level of personal, hands-on attention only offered by CIA.

Detailed Blast Reports

Unparalleled in the industry, CIA’s Premium Blast Reports not only reveal who received a voice message and who did not but also the specific reasons for unsuccessful deliveries. Customers indicate that Premium Blast Reports reduce time spent managing internal databases by 50% or more, and CIA can also execute a batch upload of revised lists so that the user’s existing CRM is updated.

Web-Based List Creation & Management

Users may log onto our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to create, access and modify lists and contacts. Users may also have unlimited numbers of lists and contacts.


Any voice message may be downloaded from the CIA interface to the user’s PC. In addition, CIA can create a monthly CD-ROM archive of all recordings to send to the user.

Many of the above benefits and additional features of CIA Premium Blast Voice Mail service may be compared to our competition by referring to the following table

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Express services

CIA’s Express Blast Voice Mail reduces costs via a less labor-intensive platform. Users may choose to send their voice mail blasts immediately or at a specific later time and date. The computer-generated Blast Reports identify whether or not messages were received and provide general feedback regarding the reasons why messages were not delivered. (For more detailed reporting and the highest successful delivery rate available, please see Premium Blast Voice Mail service.) Express service features:

Blast Reports

Emailed upon blast completion, Express service’s Blast Reports provide the opportunity to update contact lists with non-working or erroneous phone numbers. As with Premium service, CIA can execute a batch upload for revised lists so that the user’s existing CRM is updated.

Web-Based List Creation & Management

As they can with Premium service, Express service users may log onto our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to create, access and modify lists and contacts. Users may also have unlimited numbers of lists and contacts.

Delivery Options

Express Blast Voice Mail users may choose to have their messages left when either a voice mail box or a live person is reached, or both. CIA’s Dual Message Delivery feature allows users to leave two different messages for voice mail boxes and live answers.

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