Having a Secure Conference Call Service for your Earnings Call

by | May 3, 2018 | Blog, Communications, Conference Calling

In a world where privacy and security are of most importance, it’s crucial to have access to a secure conference call service that is robust. By choosing the right advanced tools, you can ensure that you are compliant within state and federal regulations and have protection against any third-party participants.

Having a secure conference call service allows regulated businesses to host a productive call experience. A company is able to have full control over who is allowed to listen in on the call and request any additional security measures if needed. Currently, more clients have strict compliance rules that require them to guarantee that call participants on a hosted call are the intended audience.

The operator hosting the call has specific steps to establish a protocol for a call participant to enter the live call, which also includes a few conference call security options, such as PIN Required Conference Call, Operator Assisted Conference Call with a pre-Approved list, and a Conference Call Portal. When a PIN is required in a conference call the conference type is offering maximum security, data capture for call participation, and the convenience of the automated access. The registration web site is provided and two levels of security are required for call access (i.e. Conference code and PIN).

There also might be a situation when you might need to do an Operator Assisted Conference Call with a pre-Approved list. This is a conference that offers maximum security, data capture for call participation, and participants are only required to know a conference ID or name. Clients must also give a client-defined “approved list” so operators know who to add to the call. “Live operators” manage conference access and the security, which allows for immediate communication to the call organizer should a discrepancy regarding call access arise.

Lastly, there is the Conference Call Portal, which provides “real-time” participation information and a chat feature for a direct communication channel to the operator. At any time a client can request a participant to be removed or contacted to gather more information if required.

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