Operator Assisted Conference Calling Benefits

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Blog, Conference Calling

Operator Assisted Conference Calling requires well-trained operators who organize and manage conference calls for large organizations each and every day of the week. They must be highly qualified and able to manage complicated premium conference calls without any issues for the client.

If you ever have a large volume conference call with 100’s of participants, conference calling companies like CIA Omnigage have live operators that are trained to assist you every step of the process.  With a live operator at your disposal, a company will have confidence that conference call with run smoothly.

Before every call, a live operator meets with the assigned chairperson(s) to go over all vital information that requires discussion prior to the conference call. A business can choose between Dial-In/Dial-Out calls or Dial-In Only calls, wherein participants will dial into the conference or a live operator can dial out to specified participants at the scheduled start time. The live operator will give a customized introduction and discuss the details of the conference call. Lastly, the live operators will monitor the sound quality and make sure everything is operating the way it should be.

At the end of a call, a company can request a participant list and a recording of the conference call to share with anyone you want.

Benefits of Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Access to an Active Participant List

Live Operators collect information from each participant on an operator-assisted conference call. This allows clients to track who participated on the call and also acts as a detailed reference for future conference calls.

Premium Tools For Q & A Sessions

During a Q & A session, the live operator managing the call has the option to unmute and introduce participants who may have a question.

Control Over Approved Participant

On many conference calls, privacy and security with operator-assisted conference calls could be a critical factor. Live Operators have control over participant callers based on if they were invited to the conference call or not.

Custom Introductions by Live Operator

The live operator can read a custom introduction at the start of each call, which may convey the chairperson(s) name, as well as a description of what the conference call will be about.

Large Participant Calls With High Volume Attendance

For calls that might have over 100’s or even 1,000’s of participants, a live operator is an invaluable asset that can result in a successful call.

Many of the largest fortune 500 companies have come to rely on us to provide the highest level of service and quality for hosting large group conference calls, hosted earnings calls, and hosted event calls that require maximum security, reliability, and Operator Assistance on the Conference Call.