Hosting Earnings Calls with Complete Confidence

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Blog, Conference Calling, Customer Service, Event, Financial, Success Stories, Thought Leadership

Earnings calls are made easy with CIA Omnigage

In the financial industry, earnings calls are a big event. They are an opportunity for companies to emphasize successes during prosperous times and address concerns during challenging times. The information that is relayed during an earnings call is critical and helps to chart the future for individual and institutional investors. Not surprisingly, the expectations of financial clients for these massive conference calls, and increasingly, their web-based versions, are high. The call quality has to be perfectly clear, the security for the call has to be airtight and the participants have to come away with a feeling of confidence.

Conference calling services from CIA Omnigage meets these challenges and exceed expectations. It starts with a dedicated team of operators who gather any requested participant data (name, company, job title, e-mail address, etc) and/or provide a registration page where participants can enter their data and receive a PIN to enter the call. Security is a priority: only those who are authorized to participate can enter the call.

With hundreds of registered participants, earnings calls must be carefully orchestrated to make certain that all callers receive critical information and can interact in an organized fashion. Operators review call flow and expectations with speakers prior to the call in a private sub-conference. The operators craft a custom introduction for the conference call, ensure the seamless integration of participants, conduct a Q&A session after the main presentation, and manage the call throughout its duration.

Conference calls through CIA Omnigage include additional features such as a login portal that allows you to view call participation in real-time, including participants who have entered the queue to ask a question. In addition to the audio conference, CIA Omnigage can webcast your event, allowing participants the convenience to listen to the call through any web browser or smartphone. And, of course, call quality is superb; you can communicate with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your message will be heard.

After the conference call, you can receive a participant list with all requested data, a recording of the call in any format (i.e. .wav or .mp3), and a transcript of the entire presentation, including the Q&A session. Finally, your call can be posted on a replay system to allow participants who could not attend the call live the opportunity to hear it afterward.

Major financial firms have come to rely on CIA Omnigage to provide the highest level of service and quality for earnings calls across the industry. Contact CIA Omnigage to learn more about how our hosted conference call service make earnings calls easy, efficient, and effective.