Posted on Sep 27, 2016

A Bold Leap into Asia

Client Instant Access and Tata Communications partner to provide superior international service

Client Instant Access and Tata Communications have forged a strategic partnership that will enable Client Instant Access to extend its state-of-the-art messaging system to the Asian Pacific region. Moving from an Internet based model to Tata’s IZO Private Connect will allow Client Instant Access to provide strong, clear connections, and will improve the quality of service for its clients.

Client Instant Access is focused on providing the highest quality messaging service to clients around the globe. The company’s Information Project Technology Manager, Brad Schwartz, sees the partnership with Tata as an important investment, and one that will generate returns for both Client Instant Access and their customers. “Call quality is crucial to us. We view our relationship with Tata as one that helps us meet the demanding requirements of international communications. Our goal is to exceed the high expectations of our clients.”

The transition from an Internet based server to Tata’s IZO Private Connect was seamless. Tata provided an integration process that was simple and intuitive. Brad Schwartz recalls, “It was just a matter of applying new settings and assigning new IP addresses. We really appreciated the speed and effortlessness of the turnaround. It was a great experience.”

Given the resounding success of the IZO program in the Asian Pacific region, Client Instant Access plans to leverage the experience of Tata to transform their communications strategy in all of their global markets. The partnership with Tata will enable Client Instant Access to take a clear leadership role in global communications.