Mergermarket – Client Instant Access expanding in healthtech, CEO says

April 27, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has forced professionals from industries that range from finance to healthcare and pharmaceuticals to work remotely. Client Instant Access's multi-channel communications solutions have been a pivotal element in the business continuity of many of these firms during that time. CEO Joe Vaccarella and CTO Michael Morgan spoke with Mergermarket fintech reporter Yizhu Wang about how CIA is addressing everyday technology hurdles that firms are facing and how the business has grown as a result: In March, CIA saw a 75% increase in the usage of its communication products, up from about 25% ... Read More

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Hosting Earnings Calls with Complete Confidence

Earnings calls are made easy with Client Instant Access In the financial industry, earnings calls are a big event. They are an opportunity for companies to emphasize successes during prosperous times and address concerns during challenging times. The information that is relayed during an earnings call is critical and helps to chart the future for individual and institutional investors. Not surprisingly, the expectations of financial clients for these massive conference calls, and increasingly, their web-based versions, are high. The call quality has to be perfectly clear, the security for the call has to be airtight and the participants have ... Read More

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Flu Season? Using Blast Voicemail In The Healthcare Industry

How A Healthcare Agency Was Able To Get The Word Out The first days of winter also mean that the first days of flu season arrived.  For healthcare firms, making sure the public is well stocked with flu shots and making sure people are vaccinated can often be a logistical nightmare. Recently, CIA’s blast voicemail has helped a healthcare agency distribute and reach people in asking whether they have had or want a flu shot. The agency uses the blast voicemail in order to send a message to a large contact list.  When the receiver listens to the message, ... Read More

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Using Blast Voice Mail In The Education Industry

Solutions For The Education Industry Communication within the education sector is unique in many ways. Outreach is needed for students, parents, faculty and staff, with multiple messages and multiple audiences. Client Instant Access (CIA) offers a suite of services that provide telecommunication solutions to educators from elementary school to college. School closures due to weather conditions are a constant challenge for school administrators. Leaders need to communicate to every single student and parent in a school district that classes are cancelled. Blast Voicemail from CIA provides a solution. Using a contact list consisting of every student’s home number, a ... Read More

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How an Integrated CRM Dialer Improves Sales Productivity

Sales productivity tools have evolved over the years from simple spreadsheets with old-fashioned dialing, to newer advanced Integrated dialers that work with CRMs.  What has remained the same, however, is the importance of effective communication in making a sale. Integrated Dialers provide a powerful platform to communicate with your target audience, and can also optimize a sales teams’ performance as a whole.   Dialing manually to make sales is antiquated and inefficient in today’s business world.  An integrated dialer gives salespeople several advantages, from organization of contact lists to an augmented quantity of calls.  Client Instant Access’s Integrated CRM Dialer ... Read More

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Keep the Blood Flowing

Blast Voicemail from Client Instant Access offers a reliable solution to the challenge of blood shortages Nearly 12 million units of blood are used every year, and the lives of 4.5 million Americans depend on these transfusions. No matter what the circumstance, whether it is open-heart surgery, a serious laceration or a large scale emergency, hospitals are always in need of units of blood. A steady supply of donations is critical and individual donors are the key factor to ensure the blood supply is full and ready for any contingency. However, of the 115 million people who are eligible ... Read More

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How A Wall Street Research Analyst Became More Productive

Client Instant Access is your most important telecommunications partner How can Client Instant Access (CIA) make a typical day in the life of an analyst simpler and more productive? With a suite of products designed to tackle all of your telecommunications needs, CIA is a valuable partner to boost your efficiency, cut costs and streamline your processes. Meet Sara, a busy research analyst with insight about stock that she needs to share with a specific contact list of 500 people. CIA’s Blast Voicemail service allows her to easily send out a customized voicemail detailing the information. Sara simply records ... Read More

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Client Instant Access Helps Real Estate Agencies

Services And Tools That Help Real Estate Agents Be More Efficient Client Instant Access’s products have garnered acclaim from some of the biggest banks in the world, and one of the reasons for this is because of their multi-use nature. Our Blast Voicemail, Integrated CRM Dialer system, and Conference Calling are all products that can be used in multiple industries in order to streamline logistics. The real estate industry is no different.  There are a number of ways that real estate agents use our products in order to be more successful, and to communicate with large amounts of people ... Read More

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Blast Voicemail and a CRM Dialer Help Theaters Fill Seats

One of the theater industries biggest challenges is selling out shows.  While shows like Hamilton and The Lion King may have no trouble with this, most playhouses are not as famous as Broadway. However, CIA’s products help theaters distinguish themselves and draw larger audiences.  The unique voice central products help theater executives reach their customers in a more direct, efficient way. The Blast Voicemail product helps theaters let their regular audiences know that there is a premier, or an event happening.  With a pre-existing contact list, the theater can immediately drop a voicemail into their mailbox, and view the ... Read More

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Client Instant Access Offers Smart Solution to Pollsters

During election season, Integrated CRM Dialer helps pollsters make thousands of calls in less time Political polls are an essential tool to engage the voting public and to inform campaigns during the competitive election season. Pollsters survey thousands of people to gauge public opinion and to provide valuable insight to campaigns on voting patterns and predictions. Gathering this critical data is laborious: calls generally garner an 8% response rate, forcing pollsters to dial as many as 20,000 numbers to assemble a 1,000-person survey. Although online polls can be employed to assemble some data, dialed polls provide the most reliable ... Read More

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Client Instant Access announces the new Salesforce Lightning Experience CANDI Sidebar

Client Instant Access has once again jumped ahead of the pack by introducing the CANDI Sidebar for the Lightning Experience. The open CTI allows users to one click dial any phone number in their Lighting Experience pages. Users have the ability to speak with any live answers and have the interaction recorded in Salesforce. Since 80% of calls go to voicemail users can create and drop a pre-recorded message and move on to the next contact. All notes, call times and the message delivered are automatically saved in Salesforce freeing up valuable time for the chance at a live ... Read More

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