CIA Set to Attend IT Expo in Fort Lauderdale

by | Nov 23, 2016 | News

From February 8-10, Client Instant Access will be attending one of the most exciting tech conferences in the country, the IT Expo.

The IT Expo is a three-day-long conference for some of the biggest names providers, carriers, enterprises, and agencies in tech, and the CIA will be in the middle of it all. With representatives from dozens of different industries, February 8-10 will certainly be promising days for Client Instant Access.

With a variety of exciting features, the 2016 IT Expo was a huge success. There were 6,284 attendees with 129 exhibitors and a total social reach exceeded 13 million. This kind of magnitude is what attracted Client Instant Access to attend. 2017 promises to sell out again, and the IT Expo should be bigger than ever.

The IT Expo offers different seminars on how to improve sales through technology, as well as exhibiting some of the latest tech startups and how they are reaching their clientele. It also has expositions and lessons for “newbies” in the tech world.

The IT expo also features some highly distinguished speakers from IBM, Plantronics, Ingate Systems, and other tech giants. They are sure to depart wisdom on the entirety of the exposition.

The tech world has proved to be a very volatile, evolving place. The IT Expo hopes to help companies navigate this ever-changing terrain, as well as display some of the technology that is helping companies run like never before.

Ultimately, the IT Expo can be summed up by the great Steve Wozniak: “The event is representative of modern-day technology and the new state of the art. It’s the people introducing new things.”

The weekend of February 8-10 will certainly be an important one to mark on the calendar for Client Instant Access.

You can register and learn more about IT Expo at the following link.