Posted on Nov 23, 2016

How to Set Yourself Apart With Voice-Messaging

Client Instant Access offers different means of communicating with your clients and contacts, but one of the most prevalent is using voicemail and voice messaging.  It has proven to be the most consistently used, as well as the most successful.

But how, in the new age of text and digital research, has the voice messaging industry continued to thrive?  One of the reasons for this is because voice messaging gives a research analyst the ability to personalize their research.  Voice messaging adds much more personal touch than a text messaging medium.

Although text certainly has its advantages, in terms of blast messaging, voice continues to reign supreme.  Simple transcripts have proven to not be enough for clients of research analysts.

Since 1997, Client Instant Access has seen very creative ways from analysts to reach their clientele, sometimes making song parodies or staging an interview.  This is an excellent way for these analysts to brand themselves and make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Client Instant Access’ voice messaging services allows the analyst, and anyone who uses the service, to distinguish themselves for their clients and contacts.

Used in the correct way, voice messaging makes a much stronger impression than text does.  Emotion or personal feelings are difficult to convey in simple text.  Voice allows more area for expression in terms of an analyst.

Ultimately, all analysts are looking for their research to be more widely distinguished and for their clients to be more successful.  Using CIA’s voice messaging services for their research reports, analysts have the opportunities to set themselves apart from the crowd.