Streamline Client Communications to Drive Capital Markets Productivity & Revenue Growth

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Blog, Communications, Multi-channel, Omnigage

Doug discusses how the seamless integration of Tier1’s advanced CRM tools with CIA Omnigage enables users to streamline communications with their capital markets clients, increase efficiency and maximize the potential of their client interactions.

While traditional methods of communication still has an important role to play in capital markets, strategies are evolving and there is growing demand from market participants for advanced, customized engagement technology that satisfies regulatory compliance requirements.

Tools for an Effective Investment Banking and Capital Markets Communications Strategy  

A robust CRM supported by multi-channel communication tools streamlines business processes and reinforces compliance protocols. Integrating these tools maximizes the functionality and value of each, and creates a streamlined communication environment in which sales, research, and trading desks can exchange ideas and work efficiently to ensure that all client deliverables are actioned promptly. This ultimately drives revenue-generating relationships.

Capital markets collaboration and partnership

Through Tier1’s longstanding partnership with CIA Omnigage, a specialist in communications technology for capital markets, we have created an environment that allows institutional banking and capital markets professionals to communicate seamlessly with their clients and each other.

Tier1’s flexible open architecture provides end-users with a single pane of glass view and integrates seamlessly with CIA, which simplifies visibility, enables client interactions to be tracked, delivers regulatory-compliance reporting, and allows research analysts and salespeople to get in front of clients easily.

This powerful combination of Tier1’s software and with CIA’s telephony, streamlines outreach to clients with templates to prescript voice messages and call reports whilst enabling an omni-channel platform supporting voice, email, and SMS, with robust insights into engagement statistics.

The integration of CIA Omnigage Click-to-Dial with Tier1’s core CRM solution not only creates a more collaborative ecosystem – it also increases productivity, saving users nearly 12 minutes for every 10 calls made, and a whole hour for every 50 calls. By the end of a full work week, this translates to almost an entire extra day of time saved that can be repurposed toward servicing clients and developing research. In fact, our advanced workflows on average deliver 20% + productivity with client engagement often leading to better revenue outcomes.

Deriving maximum value from your Outlook communications  

Tier1’s Outlook + Plugin (TFO+) is an advanced integrated CRM email tool enhanced by CIA Omnigage. TFO+ bridges the gap between your email workflows and the CRM, enabling more effective and efficient communication, and tracking of mass email distribution to clients and prospects – obviating the need to spend hours on personalizing individual emails for blindly guess success metrics. By leveraging your CRM contact data, interest lists, and coverage combined with automation and workflow tools, TFO+ lets you target your research, ideas, and messages directly from Outlook – successfully.

CIA is SOC2-certified and has been engineered to meet critical regulatory guidelines, while Tier1 manages the increasing levels of relationship risk that exists between buy-side and self-side counterparties in an increasingly regulated financial landscape. As regulatory oversight expands, markets must become more automated, and communication methods become more sophisticated. It is therefore imperative that firms eliminate inefficiencies that may have a detrimental effect on client relationships.

After all, a robust multi-channel communication network may be the difference between a new relationship and a lost one.

For more information on the benefits of Tier1’s integration with CIA Omnigage provides for capital markets clients communications, contact us today.