Multi-Channel Communications During Flu Season

Multi-Channel Communications During Flu Season

Professionals in the healthcare sector, which is increasingly relying more on emerging technology applications, need a multi-channel communications platform that’s easily implemented – without extra technology build or disruption of their current systems. With no additional plugins required, Omnigage provides an array of communication capabilities to medical and healthcare professionals to ensure that patients never miss their flu shot.

Enhanced Communication with Patients

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and with that comes new technologies to improve both patient and physician resources. With Omnigage’s unique scheduling system, appointment reminders are available instantaneously on both ends, whether it’s to schedule an annual flu shot or a routine check-up with a physician.

With flu season still in full swing, it’s now more important than ever to have clear, quick and concise communication with patients across a range of channels. Users have the ability to schedule reminders in advance using list distribution across voice, email and SMS, preventing you from ever missing an appointment or vaccination again.

Omnigage understands that better communication is vital to the health and advancement of patients. Seamless integration with commercial and native CRMs means that email blasts and activity-syncing are no longer the painstaking tasks to which healthcare professionals have grown so accustomed.

Organization Improvements for Healthcare Professionals 

Omnigage provides greater control around data and content parameters with a more holistic view of all customer information and data-driven insights. While patients benefit from reminders and improved communication, physicians will benefit from its easily-exported results and organizational advantages. The platform drives data to the fingertips of its users with instantaneous delivery of pertinent information on patients and a team inbox for managing client responses.

With new diseases and other potential health risks on the horizon, the importance of gaining immediate access to organized data is a must in the healthcare sector. Physicians must be able to access patient information quickly and efficiently and Omnigage’s fast-paced, premium solution fills that gap at both ends of the spectrum.

Content and data sustained in one succinct system make for a reliable, productive environment for storing information and providing the peace of mind that patients are being cared for with the highest priority. By providing a more robust workflow for managing key patient deliverables, physicians are able to ensure greater quality control and ensure a much more pleasant experience for each patient.