Client Instant Access Partners With Saint Peter’s University For Career Fair

Client Instant Access Partners With Saint Peter’s University For Career Fair

Giving Back To a University That Has Given So Much To Us!

Standing behind 23 years of experience, Client Instant Access has always been a well established, reputable and reliable company. Our company has recently expanded and taken on new challenges and has branched out into new industries. In the process of expanding or clientele, CIA has decided to extend offers to young entrepreneurs looking to open doors to the fast paced corporate world. Bringing fresh new ideas to the table for growth and expansion, creating opportunities for personal development and high earnings potential. With CIA being on the fast track to even greater success, our company has been fortunate enough to higher four recent college graduates with backgrounds in Customer Service, Management, IT, Social Media and Marketing. With all 4 members bringing something unique to the company, you could say that the team is a major asset to the future.

Our Sales Team’s first project was to get the word out about what our company has to offer. Two members of our Sales Team are alumni of Saint Peter’s University, sharing that in common with the CEO & Co-Founder of Client Instant Access, Joseph Vaccarella. CIA’s Sales Team was invited to host an information table at Saint Peter’s University, also offering Conference Operator positions to the attending students. Over 30+ students have applied to the position and our Sales Team has made a unique connection with the University. The team has great aspirations of future team expansion and is excited to work hand in hand with such a remarkable University. The team will have the honor of attending and hosting a table at the Spring 2019 Career and Internship Fair at Saint Peter’s University this upcoming February. Our new team members are on the fast lane to success and will be a major part of the evolution of Client Instant Access.

“It feels so good to give back to the university that has given me so much & has led me to where I am today. I’ve always been the type of person that welcomed suggestions and direction and Saint Peter’s guided me down the exact path I needed to take in my life, without me even knowing it. I am forever grateful and honored to be a Saint Peter’s peacock for life!”

-Gianna Macolino Class of 2018

Sales Representative

“Saint Peter’s has opened so many doors for me, it felt so good to walk back through the doors where my journey to success started and be able to give back and share my experiences with the students that are walking in the same shoes I walked in, in 2014.”

-Steven Berdecia Class of 2018

Sales Representative

“Thinking back to what Saint Peter’s has done for me, I focus on the education and what I’ve gained there. It has helped me become who I am today as an employer, a business owner and a well-rounded individual over all. Saint Peter’s Liberal Arts Education and it’s Christian ethics have made a strong impression on who I am. The intimate class sizes, the personal relationships I had built over time and the path created for me by the Career Development Department, are the memories I value the most from my time at Saint Peter’s.”

-Joseph Vaccarella Class of 1984

CEO & CFO of Client Instant Access, LLC