[USE CASE] CIA Omnigage Creates Virtual Multi-room Environment for Government Agency Board Meetings

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Blog, Case Studies


A government agency needed to continue hosting monthly board meetings to present reports from various stakeholders, conduct a public comments period, conduct a private executive session and review and vote on action items. Due to COVID-19, the agency contacted CIA Omnigage to design and host a virtual environment for these meetings.


CIA Omnigage created a virtual multi-room environment that segregated the three participant types by role. The virtual roles were further controlled by a dedicated dial-in phone number and code for each attendee segment to ensure each participant received the appropriate level of access. The role assignments control whose line is open and when and also determines who is permitted to attend the Executive Session. An event manager is assigned to the virtual meeting and serves as a point of contact for the agency and assists with public session moderation, meeting alerts and meeting transitions. Last, the agency support team is provided access to the CIA Omnigage event portal where they can view real-time attendance data in each meeting segment.


The success of the CIA Omnigage virtual board meeting allowed for word-of-mouth adoption and by the end of 2020 three government agencies are using the service and CIA Omnigage has hosted 24 board meetings. The solution provided business continuity for each agency and ensured the board could continue to meet with each other and provide public access to their proceedings including public commentary.