New Meeting Grounds: Conference Calling in the Remote Workplace

New Meeting Grounds: Conference Calling in the Remote Workplace

In late 2019, only 5.3% of employees worked from home. Since the global pandemic, this number has skyrocketed to 42%, leaving firms across various industries in uncharted – and uncertain – territory.

With considerable long-term remote working parameters, businesses are faced with a growing number of potential security risks, workflow interruptions and technology complications, particularly when it comes to communication channels. As this new virtual working environment expands, firms must be able to harness their communication channels to ensure daily operations are not hindered and customer information is not compromised.

Remain Secure with Premium Conference Call Services

In today’s remote work environment, it’s not enough to use a free conference calling service that barely meets your business’ needs. Free conference call services pose a major security risk for companies, as participants cannot be monitored and private information is often stored improperly.

Firms in financial services, technology and other industry sectors have indicated that they do not plan to return to traditional office settings in the near future, which means that conference calling technology needs to be robust and uncompromised. Premium conference calling inquiries for CIA Omnigage increased dramatically since March and we anticipate a continued uptick.

With the right solutions in place, in-person meetings will gradually become a thing of the past as firms realize that not only are virtual meetings just as, if not more efficient, but they empower participants with other capabilities such as immediate access to customer data files.

By using premium conference calling services, businesses can achieve next-level communication with their clients, allowing them to host calls with additional layers of security while ensuring only approved participants can join. Elite conference call services such as CIA Omnigage’s Quarterly Earnings Call service require individual pins to enter, giving firms the peace of mind to continue building relationships confidently under these new and potentially permanent working conditions. 

Operator Assisted Conference Call Services at Your Fingertips 

Adopting technology and systems to fit the new meeting grounds in a virtual environment can be overwhelming. Free, generic conference call services do not offer live help options when issues arise, and their customer service agents are sometimes impossible to reach. 

With Operator Assisted Conference Calling , firms can have their entire call managed by live operators who are highly trained in customer service and managing security and privacy, assisting callers from start to finish. Some firms require virtual meetings with 200+ participants, and our dedicated operator assistants ensure that only invited participants are granted access to calls, 100% audio quality is present, meetings start and end properly without any hold times and that no technological or bandwidth failures occur along the way.

High-quality customer service, professional-grade security and elite audio quality features make premium conference calling in the remote workplace a necessity. CIA Omnigage provides an end-to-end solution to firms seeking ways to adopt stronger client relationships and flourish in the remote workplace with their unmatched conference call solutions.

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