Benefits of Using Blast Voicemail for Accounting Firms During Tax Season

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Blast Voice Mail, Blog, Communications, Compliance, Customer Service, Financial, Multi-channel

As tax season approaches, accountants may find long client lists overwhelming and hard to organize.  Sending reminders to clients about sending their tax information, as well as communicating important information before filing dates arrive are essential during the stressful tax season for accountants.

Communicate Reminders and Important Dates

Whether you are dealing with ten or ten thousand clients, Client Instant Access’ Blast Voicemail is a great tool for accounting firms seeking to communicate with clients. Blast Voicemail allows an accounting firm to easily disseminate customized messages to their clients, whether it be a reminder about tax season or a helpful tip to inform clients about new laws and tax breaks.

Send Thousands of Messages in Minutes

This efficient tool also saves accountants’ valuable time communicating with clients, as a blast voicemail can be sent to thousands in minutes.  Our service also provides a success rate report for the blast, so you can have a crystal clear picture regarding the extent of your engagement.

Record and Send Custom Messages

Our Blast Voicemail service also has the convenient option of recording a personalized message for singular clients in addition to the blast message to a larger audience.  This allows accountants to prioritize their bigger clients as they see fit, and foster a more personalized service to specific client lists.

Security and Compliance

Compliance in the accounting industry and the telecommunications industry are both paramount, and Client Instant Access understands this and ensures that all blast messages will be secure.  Using a compliant telecommunications service is a perfect way to ensure success as we approach tax season. We meet the strict SOC 2  Compliance requirements.

Avoid the High Cost of Postage

Avoiding the high cost of postage associated with mail is another advantage of using CIA’s Blast Voicemail during tax season.  Our service provides users with a comprehensive interface that is much easier to organize than postage, cost effective, and much faster.  Contact a Client Instant Access representative today to see how you can gain a new level of efficiency and structure with our Blast Voicemail service.