Flu Season? Using Blast Voicemail In The Healthcare Industry

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Blast Voice Mail, Blog, Communications, Healthcare, Multi-channel, Success Stories

How A Healthcare Agency Was Able To Get The Word Out

The first days of winter also mean that the first days of flu season arrived.  For healthcare firms, making sure the public is well stocked with flu shots and making sure people are vaccinated can often be a logistical nightmare.

Recently, CIA’s blast voicemail has helped a healthcare agency distribute and reach people in asking whether they have had or want a flu shot.

The agency uses the blast voicemail in order to send a message to a large contact list.  When the receiver listens to the message, they have the option to press 1, 2, or 3.

Pressing 1 would transfer the person to a live operator to schedule a flu shot, pressing 2 would tell the agency that they have already had a flu shot, and pressing 3 would tell the agency that they did not want or need a shot.

Streamlining this laborious process of asking people about flu shots is something that blast voicemail is not new to.  There are a huge amount of industries that benefit from CIA’s products.

This streamlined survey of flu shots shows the power of CIA’s Blast Voicemail when used efficiently.  However, Blast Voicemail is not the only product that can be used to help with process.

If the response rate is low for the initial survey, healthcare companies can then use CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer.  This system allows the company to directly call a huge contact list in a fraction of the time.

Calling a person directly will likely lead to a higher response rate, and thus, a higher rate of flu shots being given.  Using click-to-dial, callers can talk to a potential patient if they pick up, or simply drop a pre-recorded message to the person and move on to the next number.  Callers can also add a personal message if they need to.

The CRM Dialer can also help callers stay organized and connected with their customers.  The feedback will give the caller an analysis of how many answers and declines there were for a flu shot.  This ultimately will keep the entire situation organized and efficient.

The CRM  Dialer and Blast Voicemail products were created with efficiency in mind.  Today, they are helping fight the flu season and preventing countless illnesses.