Using CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer With Salesforce

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Blog, Integrated CRM Dialer, Success Stories

Client Instant Access’ Integrated CRM Dialer allows users to utilize click-to-dial technology in order to make many calls quickly.  It is an efficient integrated CRM Dialer App that helps users manage their client lists in a comprehensive and organized interface within Salesforce.

Our CRM Dialer can be incorporated with many popular CRM’s, including Salesforce.  Using our Salesforce integrated dialer users can have a visible CIA sidebar in all Salesforces pages.  Our native CRM Dialer has many features that make it a top choice, and combining it with Salesforce as an Integrated CRM Dialer enhances its power and versatility.

Our Integrated CRM Dialer is a clear leader in multiple industries for its efficiency: with note-taking features and manageable contact lists, users can keep track of their customers and understand their trends more easily. Salesforce productivity apps like our Integrated CRM Dialer enhance the CRM experience by offering a level of customization that other telecommunication companies cannot.

As a provider of choice for 23 years on Wall Street, high call quality has become a standard of Client Instant Access’ operation.  With less latency and fewer dropped calls, our secure lines will help you hear your calls clearly so you can work efficiently. The CRM Dialer also has a record-keeping feature that helps organize client calls and hit and miss rates for calls, directly on Salesforce.  This will allow your CRM Dialer to keep exact track of workplace efficiency.

The fact that our Integrated CRM Dialer has the versatility to work seamlessly with Salesforce is a vital part of what makes it an invaluable tool to businesses in all industries.  Whether you are in the financial, entertainment, legal industries, to name a few, the Integrated CRM Dialer is a necessary tool for time-efficient, productive work.