How Call Logging Can Save The Day

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Blog, Integrated CRM Dialer

Call-logging Can Reduce Hassle, Save Sales And Keep You Organized

Client Instant Access’s Integrated CRM  Dialer allows users to become incredibly efficient, making and logging calls in a fraction of the time.  A CRM Dialer,  allows this to happen through its click to dial feature.

However, the unsung hero of this product is the call-logging feature.  It saves our clients tons of hassle, and can even save the sale for some research analysts.

Since a majority of research analysts make hundreds of calls, it can sometimes be interruptive to log calls, even if it is an integral part of the process.  While clicking to dial cuts down the time, our call-logging feature helps the analyst immeasurably.

When using a different click-to-dial service, an analyst may forget to log a call or two.  This may seem insignificant relative to hundreds of calls, but some of these missed logs may lead to a huge sale being lost.

Client Instant Access views this train of thought as unnecessary and avoidable.  By automatically logging your calls, you can be assured that contacts you reached will be saved and so will the sale.

Furthermore, our note-taking section allows for increased organization.  It allows the analyst to keep track of their calls, including what kind of information they gave their client and their general response to it.

This call logging also keeps sales teams more accountable in a team setting.  If a salesperson fails to follow up on a lead, it will be apparent to the leader of the group.  It holds each salesperson responsible to follow through with any leads they have.

A CRM Dialer has been an integral part of CIA’s product list since 2003.  Its convenience and a laundry list of features have made it one of Client Instant Access’s most popular products.  It is the first choice of a number of Wall Street banks and ultimately helps research analysts get every edge they can.