Reaching a Wider Audience With Blast Voicemail

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Blast Voice Mail, Blog

Many companies and corporations often face the same issue when placing calls to potential clients, customers, or patients.  That issue is reaching a large number of people and conveying an effective and personal message to them.

Client Instant Access, however, has allowed businesses to do just this.  With CIA’s Blast Voicemail, reaching hundreds of people in a matter of seconds has become a reality.  Companies can even assess the effectiveness of these messages with a comprehensible blast report.

Research analysts commonly use blast voicemail in order to communicate new financial information to their clients.  They use Client Instant Access for its compliance, dependence, and efficiency.  CIA’s blast voicemail is the product of choice for many top Wall Street banks.

To use this blast voicemail, analysts pre-record a message that will go out to their clients.  Then, they select a client list they would like to get this message to, and drop the message in their voicemails.

However, research analysts are not the only ones who can use blast voicemail.  Dozens of other industries also utilize blast voicemail.  One of these industries is that of healthcare.

There are many uses for blast voicemail in the healthcare industry.  Communicating with large patient lists is part of many doctors’ daily routine.  This can become time-consuming, so dropping one message to certain contact lists expedites the process greatly.

The healthcare industry can also use blast voicemail when it comes to pharmaceutical companies.  Hospitals have huge demands for certain medications and getting all these can be time-consuming and confusing.  However, using CIA’s blast voicemail service, they can reach companies more quickly, and get themselves organized quickly as well.  They can also use CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer, using click to dial to get in touch with different pharmaceuticals.

This is how CIA helps companies of all industries get in touch with a larger client base.  They’ve been operating this way for nearly two decades, and have kept their clients with compliance, efficiency, and reliability.