VIDEO: Are You Prepared For MiFID II

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Blast Voice Mail, Blog, Integrated CRM Dialer, MiFID 2

Sarbanes–Oxley, Dodd-Frank and now MiFID II

Client Instant Access has answered the call before

Complying with MiFID II is not optional!

Track and Archive all Voice Communication using advanced voice Based technology from CIA

The clock is counting down to MiFID II and CIA has the custom solutions to ensure proper compliance. As Integration Specialists CIA can deliver its voice technology solutions in any CRM platform.

Firms that use CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer track more than just who was called and when the call occurred. IDD ENABLES callers to enter custom notes for each call. Firms can use these notes to document the substance of the engagement, helping substantiate determinations about whether the discussion was research-related or not.

CIA’s Blast Voice Mail solution allows the creation of pre-recorded messages that are delivered to a wide-ranging audience.  CIA is an industry leader in BVM technology with a platform providing unsurpassed accuracy and detailed reporting that is relied upon by global financial institutions.

Both the CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail solutions integrate with the most popular CRMs in use by financial services firms today. A CRM Dialer and BVM call activity is automatically tracked, archived, and mapped into your CRM.

CIA has been facilitating communications for the largest financial institutions for over two decades with continued success.  Partner with us as we navigate through the challenges and opportunities ahead.