Client Instant Access’s motto is “getting your message across.”  It has served as a good summation for our mission  as a company and reflects client needs that are widespread across many industries and areas.

One popular use where our products help organizations get their messages across is the use by Alumni Groups to help  keep members connected.  Often after finishing high school or college, it is easy to fall out of contact and forget about one’s alma mater. Products like Blast Voicemail and an Integrated CRM Dialer can alleviate this issue by connecting schools and former students more easily.

Using Blast Voicemail with accumulated contact lists of past students who have graduated gives schools a great opportunity to contact their former students and invite them to upcoming alumni events.  It also makes solicitation of donations easier because every single person in a class will be contacted. This increases the likelihood of receiving donations and results in an increase in the school’s endowment.

Blast Voicemail can also lead to improved relationships with alumni. By scheduling blast calls to alumni about upcoming sporting events, reunions, and fundraisers educational institutions are able to help alumni stay more involved and perhaps increase donations.  Alums can also benefit indirectly from blast voicemail since better attendance at reunions and events will lead to increased networking opportunities and growth in connections.

A CRM Dialer benefits in a similar way to Blast Voicemail because it  allows schools to reach out to a vast amount of alumni in a fraction of the time.  In addition, a CRM Dialer is often used toward the raising of money, since there is an actual phone call being placed directly.  If an alumni is reinforced with numerous Blast Voicemails and CRM Dialer related communications there can be a significant improvement in the relationship that can lead to increased donations.