Compliance is King

by | May 1, 2017 | Blog, Compliance, Integrated CRM Dialer

How a web-based CRM dialer in a regulated industry can help keep your team within the law

When you are on the front line of compliance, every client interaction has the potential for risk. If a member of your organization goes off script, the potential fallout could have serious implications on your bottom line. In regulated sectors as diverse as finance, health care, and education, critical information must be protected and communication must fall within existing protocols.

To stay within the law, a wide range of businesses and organizations have come to rely on automated systems for making calls that require regulatory oversight. The advantages are clear: automating as much of the process as possible means you will deliver messages in a consistent and clear manner, with the additional benefit of saving time and reducing costs.

Stakeholders at large financial and health care organizations know that they must document their communications to comply with the law and their own internal regulations. They also have a mandate to control costs and to streamline operations whenever possible. Using a web dialer, such as Integrated CRM Dialer from Client Instant Access, gives them a number of advantages.

  • Knowledge – All phone calls are logged and processed. All records of communications are stored for easy access by the user and the user’s manager, making it an excellent tool for adhering to compliance requirements.
  • Simplicity – The CRM Dialer can be easily integrated with your customer relationship management software or used as a standalone product. The program stores all your contacts and allows you to make call “lists” to maximize the efficiency of every call you make.
  • Consistency – If employees read from a script, it is difficult to be certain that they are following it carefully, without direct and continual oversight from managers.  A CRM Dialer program ensures that the same recorded message will be delivered to the recipient’s voicemail every time. When using the system to connect with people who answer before voicemail kicks in, users can begin the call with a personal introduction and then deploy the recording.
  • Security – Cloud-based products require zero maintenance from the end-user. The cloud computing services provider’s IT team monitors the system, updating it as needed, and constantly protecting the data from criminal hackers.
  • SOC 2 – The Client Instant Access CRM Dialer is compliant with Service Organization Control 2, which has to do with the five areas of availability, confidentiality, privacy, processing integrity, and security. Organizations, particularly those involved in the finance industry, will want to work only with a SOC 2-compliant CRM Dialer to make sure they are meeting reporting standards.

Switching to a CRM Dialer powered by cloud computing and tying it into your CRM gives you flexibility and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are meeting your regulatory obligations.

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