Seeking Cover From MIFID II

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Blog, Integrated CRM Dialer, MiFID 2

Client Instant Access Solutions That Can Integrate With Your CRM

When the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) takes effect on January 1, 2018, financial services firms with offices anywhere in the EU will need to comply with its requirements.

The Challenge of Supervision and Compliance

As part of MiFID II, firms providing investment advice or portfolio management will no longer be able to accept any type of benefit – monetary or not – from third parties in relation to client service, due to the real or perceived conflict of interest such as payments can create.

Firms offering research services will need to properly document all communications in order to properly charge for services. However, many firms are struggling with the requirement to supervise employees’ communications for compliance. MiFID II is clear that organizations will need to take a risk-based approach to capture and supervising not only written communications but also voice calls.

Solutions Designed to Help Firms Comply

Complying with MiFID II is not optional. Fortunately, Client Instant Access (CIA) has tools that can help.

Integrated CRM Dialer

Firms that use CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer tool are able to demonstrate compliance because the tool captures more than just who was called and when the call occurred.

In addition to creating efficiencies and enhancing professionalism, a CRM Dialer allows callers to keep notes for each call. Firms can use these notes to document the substance of the call, helping substantiate determinations about whether the discussion was research-related or not.

Blast Voice Mail

CIA’s Blast Voice Mail solution can also help firms comply with MIFID II by using our intuitive web-based tool to record and send pre-recorded messages. Because the content of such messages is preserved, it’s easier for firms to confirm their compliance with the rule’s mandates.

Integration with Your CRM

Both the CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail solutions integrate with the most popular CRMs in use by financial services firms today.

This means that call activity is automatically tracked, and that even large-scale voice message blasts can be mapped into your CRM and tracked.

Whether your firm uses Salesforce, Tier One, Single Track or another CRM, both CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail solutions from Client Instant Access can integrate directly with your CRM – helping you meet the requirements of MIFID II by tracking communications and substantiating your firm’s communications between firms offering research and firms paying for such services.

To learn more, contact CIA today online, or by calling (888) 226-9075.