Simplifying Data Security in an Increasingly Digital Communication Environment

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Blog, Compliance, Multi-channel, Omnigage

With vast amounts of data being created, exchanged, and stored in different locations each day, companies must rely on the integrity and security of their multi-channel communication tools and data networks to ensure data and customer information is protected. Due to complexity and fragmented tendencies in data management practices, it can be challenging for businesses to implement robust data security. So how can this be simplified? 

A Unified Solution

As data environments become more populated, organizations tend to add a number of different security tools to their already dispersed data. This can result in the inverse outcome of what they were trying to achieve – adding to the complexity and increasing the risk of data breaches. By minimizing the number of tools in play and employing a cloud-based client engagement platform, businesses have a much smoother path to simplifying their data security.

CIA Omnigage has already simplified the data security process by engineering our platform to seamlessly integrate with a customer’s IT network, removing data silos across systems and applications. This makes it easier and safer to move data through multiple CRM’s, as it’s all held one unified space.

As firms gravitate toward long-term remote working plans, it’s imperative that they take the time to consolidate data and workflows. With individuals working from a variety of locations, data has to be a top priority, otherwise valuable customer information and revenue opportunities will be lost.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Over the past few months, there have been countless stories of data breaches on unsecured conferencing solutions, partly because data has not been stored properly. Data gathered through voice, SMS, and email is often stored in a separate, standalone system, leaving information scattered across different locations. Not only does this increase the risk of losing data and creating more information disparities, but it also opens up the potential for more security liabilities.

When using CIA Omnigage, users can natively operate different telecommunications applications to capture all inbound and outbound data and store this information on the platform. It also enables audit trails to track communications and two-factor authentication to ensure both compliance and security at all times.

As industries continue to shift to an increasingly digital and complex environment, a simplified data process means greater efficiency and peace of mind. Having the right multi-channel communications provider makes this essential and, at CIA Omnigage, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the platform’s security features are second to none.

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