Why Call Centers Need An Advanced Auto Dialer As Part of a Sales Strategy

Why Call Centers Need An Advanced Auto Dialer As Part of a Sales Strategy

Top Benefits of an Auto Dialer in Call Centers

Having an autodialer has transformed the way call centers operate on a business scale. In the past auto-dialers have been known as just a way to dial out from a list of telephone numbers. However, in today’s world auto-dialers have been defined more as integrated software and can integrate into almost any CRM. For example, if a live person answers he/she would have a list of options to choose from. In addition, auto-dialers have the capability to detect answering machines, disconnected calls, etc. Auto-dialers can also be very beneficial for a variety of industries, such as for political campaigns and the banking industry. An auto dialer can help in the process of conducting polls for the political sector and also handling large amounts of a customer database for large banks. It is important to note that auto-dialers can have many benefits for small businesses and on an enterprise scale.

How can an Auto Dialer Improve Call Centers? 

Generate More Leads

Businesses can utilize an autodialer as a way to boost sales leads. An agent can gather information about the contact prior to a call and have a more personalized conversation, which can help increase engagement and the chances of lead conversion. An auto dialer will also help maximize the number of call connections and give agents a better chance to close a lead.

Real-Time Reporting

An auto dialer software has the ability to provide custom reports, which helps agents understand any real-time statistics and whether there were any issues. This user-friendly interface can give you metrics based on real-time reports. Auto-Dialers also give you access to call recordings, which can be beneficial to managers when overseeing agents’ performance.

Increased Agent Talk Time

In the past, many call centers have used manual dialing as a way to call out to different prospects. However, auto-dialers have been used more frequently as a way to increase productivity and efficiency for call agents. This allows increased talk time between agents customers on the phone.

Custom messaging features

Call centers can benefit from an autodialer by also being able to leave a  pre-recorded message that will automatically dial out to a list of contacts. In addition, you also have the ability to send a personalized message through text-to-speech or email if your voicemail got dropped. This process cuts down call time by a third and removes the time of waiting for someone to answer the phone.

Overall, auto-dialers have been used as a way to call centers to improve the process for outbound dialing. Connecting with customers at a fast pace is essential in our world today. With an autodialer, you can make sure call agents have the best tool to reach out to their customer base.

For more information on how an autodialer can improve your call center, visit www.callcia.com or reach us at sales@callcia.com.

Top Ten Uses for an Integrated CRM Dialer

Top Ten Uses for an Integrated CRM Dialer

The Integrated CRM Dialer from Client Instant Access has a wide variety of uses across scores of industries.  Here are some of the best uses.

10. Travel Agencies: Travel agents can use a CRM Dialer to communicate with large client lists about different kinds of deals to exotic locations they are offering.  Using a CRM Dialer, the agent can quickly get into contact with hundreds, even thousands of customers in a fraction of the time.  If they don’t pick up, the agent can simply drop a message into their customer’s voicemail.

9. Court Dates: Public courts can use a CRM Dialer to remind people of upcoming court dates for minor violations like traffic tickets.  By using a regularly updated contact list of people who need to appear in court, one person can easily click to call and give a reminder of an upcoming court date.

8. Restaurant Reservations: For restaurants that have tables reserved weeks and months in advance, a CRM Dialer is a great way to remind customers of their upcoming reservations.

7. Retail Stores: Similar to travel agencies, retail stores can allow customers on a contact list to know about sales, unusual store hours, or new products with a CRM Dialer.  By calling each individual person, it gives a personal touch and makes it more likely to attract traffic in the store.

6. Education: A CRM Dialer is a great way for educators to remind students and their parents about different events the school is having.  From asking for donations and different school events to announcing snow days, the CRM Dialer helps schools greatly.

5. Food Stores: Food stores need to contact a lot of different companies in order to stock their shelves for the public.  A CRM Dialer helps these stores get into contact with these food companies efficiently and quickly.

4. Interest Groups: Our CRM Dialer can help interest groups reach out to their members quickly in order to form events and ask for donations.  It expedites the day-to-day operations of an interest group.

3. Real Estate: Real estate firms can use a CRM Dialer by getting into contact with client lists of people looking for houses.  When a great value comes up, a firm can quickly inform hundreds of people with click-to-call.

2. Healthcare: Healthcare companies can use CRM Dialer in a lot of ways.  Some of these include getting into contact with pharmaceutical companies, patients, potential doctors, and more. Our CRM Dialer helps healthcare industries function at their top potential.

1. Research Analysts: Research analysts have a huge need for a CRM Dialer. They can easily get into contact with their clients and inform them of the latest financial information.  They can also use the note-taking function to keep themselves organized.  This is the number one use of a CRM Dialer.

CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer

Stop listening to countless voice mail greetings. Eliminate the need to repeat yourself over and over. Save time and reduce stress while increasing productivity by up to 66% with Client Instant Access’ Integrated CRM Dialer.

What is a CRM Dialer:

CIA’s CRM Dialer is a web-based tool that allows you to quickly and continuously dial out to large numbers of clients, leaving pre-recorded messages whenever voice mail is reached OR connecting to a live person if the call is physically answered.

Why should you use the CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer?

  • Never again will you have to repeat the same
    voice mail message over and over during the
    day. Our system delivers a crisp, consistent
    and effective message each time with the
    same level of enthusiasm.
  • Eliminate the stress of making outbound
    phone calls.
  • Make all of your calls in one-third the time