Introducing CIA Omnigage

Introducing CIA Omnigage

Secure, intuitive multi-channel communication platforms have never been more critical to the success of businesses than they are right now. 23 years ago, Client Instant Access (CIA) was founded to provide conference calling services to financial institutions. As customer needs evolved, CIA added features such as Blast Voicemail and Integrated CRM Dialer Capabilities, which revolutionized the way analysts and salespeople connected with their clients. CIA quickly became – and is still today – regarded as the industry standard in Conference Calling and telephony communications. 

Digital Transformation projects and more robust client engagement practices have shifted the need yet again to a more integrated and accelerated approach to communication that cannot be met with basic solutions from free platforms.

Welcome to CIA Omnigage. Our new brand – supported by our informative and interactive new website – combines the experience and trust of Client Instant Access with the next-generation technology of the Omnigage platform, providing everything users need in a cohesive and multi-faceted solution suite. We’ve leveraged our deep industry expertise in the fast-paced and highly regulated financial sector to create solutions for our other client sectors including Health, Legal, Tech, Education, Government, Entertainment, and more. With CIA Omnigage, there’s a way for everyone to stay connected. 

Whichever method of communication your customers prefer, CIA Omnigage provides an optimal solution that enables relationship building to be streamlined, personalized and secure.

We encourage you to browse the new website and subscribe to our newsletter, where you’ll receive the latest updates, insights and industry best practices from the CIA Omnigage team. Join us as we continue driving multi-channel engagement to a more digitally-powered ecosystem and empower faster, better and more seamless communication. 

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to many great things to come.

Junior Sales Representative – Client Instant Access – Parsippany, NJ

Junior Sales Representative – Client Instant Access – Parsippany, NJ

Excellent growth and earning potential

Job description

Client Instant Access, based in Parsippany, NJ, is one of the leading providers of communication and technology solutions for the financial industry. We are looking for team members to join our sales group that want to help with our expansion to new industries. We are ramping up our sales team to meet our goals. Providing an excellent opportunity for an individual to be part of the evolution of CIA and its expansion into new markets.

We are looking for a Junior Sales Representative to join our fast-growing sales team. You will collaborate with other teammates in a fast-paced environment. A Sales Representative will drive project details in our sales process from start to completion.


. You will be part of a team to help coordinate and support all sales efforts

. Responsible for maintaining sales process workflow including collecting client data for prospecting, tracking relevant activity, and improving process flows

. Interact with potential clients through various communication methods, in collaboration with your Account teammates 


. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

. Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment

. Self-motivated; entrepreneurial spirit; problem solver; decision-maker

. Sales experience helpful, but not required

. Frequent User of Microsoft Office Suite

. College Graduate or soon to be

. Comfortable meeting with Clients/ Speaking on the phone

. Open-minded to coaching and training

Job Details:

Seniority Level

Entry Level


Technology, Sales, Telecommunications

Employment Type

Full-time (Preferred)

Part-time (Possibility)

Job Functions


Business Development



Client relations

Team Development

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to Michael Priore at

Blast Voicemail For Campaigns Using Hot Keys Accurate Political Response

Blast Voicemail For Campaigns Using Hot Keys Accurate Political Response

Blast Voicemail is a key tool for the political sector and combined with Telephone Keypad Responses, it has become easier than ever for political campaigns to reach out to thousands of people. It is ideal for political campaigns to be able to easily reach out to thousands of people for greater insight into the mind of the public.

Our platform allows a political campaign to send a blast voicemail in the form of a survey, where the recipient will choose between two or more options (for example, Do you support legislation for x. Press one for yes, Press two for no). This is an easy way to connect campaigns with voters and get their opinions on the issues that need to be addressed.

Blast Voicemail with Telephone Keypad Responses also offers political campaigns the ability to have operator assistance. A live operator would be available as a Hot Key option to answer specific questions that the ***pollee*** might have and provide additional information about the campaign, or current issues bouncing around on the national and local level.

Reminders about upcoming rallies are also a great use for Telephone Keypad Responses, as a Blast message to thousands of supporters with reminders can be sent out to supporters in minutes and include options for custom responses. Our easy to use blast voicemail system will also provide success rates for answers, giving political campaigns exact accuracy on the magnitude of the interaction.

Our Blast Voicemail system is a dynamic tool for many industries, so the effectiveness of contact lists goes hand in hand with Telephone Keypad Responses. Campaign organizers have the ability to assign voters to different lists based on issues where they have expressed concerns from prior surveys. This allows campaigns to organize and differentiate their supporters, and keep them engaged on important issues that are relevant to the campaign and message.

Don’t wait to include this valuable tool in your political campaign.  Talk to one of our Live chat operators, or contact us at or 1-888-226-9075.

Conference Call Providers are Not Created Equally

Conference Call Providers are Not Created Equally

Conference Calls are an essential part of many organizations’ daily activities, regardless if it’s a few thousand participants or smaller groups.   Working with a reliable conference call provider is the one essential tool for ensuring productive meetings with multiple parties on a call.

CIA Omnigage has been the premium conference call service used by the largest financial institutions for over 23 years. With an advanced web-based interface that is easy to use, your goal of a successful call will always be known. You can easily track important stats during the call and monitor participants, which will allow you to focus on what you’re saying during the call, rather than how to set it up. In addition, it also gives you the professionalism you need to stay most efficient when hosting and organizing conference calls.

Toll-Free Conference Call Numbers

Many conference call providers do not offer a toll-free 800 number, or they charge excessive fees for the feature.  Our company offers affordable rates on our toll-free 800 numbers with the same crystal clear lines not offered by our competitors.  This fairness and convenience is an essential foundation for our conference call provider products and helps differentiate us from competitors.

Large Volume Conference Calling Capacity

As one of the largest conference call providers, we routinely handle calls with thousands of participants.  These include Earnings Calls, Large Event Calls, and other advanced communications required by successful organizations.  In most cases, complex conference calls require live operator assistance to make the entire conference call experience more productive, but smaller size conference calls can be automated so that only code is needed to execute an “on-demand” conference call. This allows for a faster process when initiating a conference call with only a few people that most likely are already familiar with using conference call services. The code, when entered, will automatically place you into the conference call.

Digital Recording and Playback

We also offer Digital Recording and Playback so that an organization has access to a conference call recording after the call is complete.  This can be an important feature when you have participants who may have been late or not present during the call. Another popular feature is our Call Transcript service.  Our experienced team can translate your conference call after completion so that you have access to a typed document that is accurate. This portable document saves time and money by providing a company with the flexibility to send a copy to a select audience.

Advanced Conference Call Sound Quality

As a top conference call provider, our advanced Conference Call Sound Quality can eliminate any background noise during an event conference call, which can be a critical goal for any organization. Our advanced digital technology provides clear lines that have made us the top conference call provider for business organizations.

24/7 Customer Service

Finally, one of the most important cornerstones of any premium conference call provider is high-quality customer service. Our customer service is available 24/7 to help with any issues that might occur.  This dedication to quality has resulted in our company being recognized as the most trusted conference call provider in the nation.

Using An Integrated Dialer As Your CRM

Using An Integrated Dialer As Your CRM

CIA Omnigage provides a one-stop-shop for all customer communication and CRM needs with their Integrated CRM Dialer.

CRM’s are a huge part of any company’s day-to-day operations.  However, the process of using one can become complex and inefficient.  Customers will use a calling service, and then record customer relations in a different CRM.

CIA Omnigage, however, diverges from the herd in this respect.  We provide a one-stop-shop for all customer communication and CRM needs.  With different features like our CIA portal for logging call information, we provide our customers with efficiency and convenience.

Using CIA as a CRM can be achieved in a few ways.  One way is through our note-taking feature on the Integrated CRM Dialer.  When making hundreds of calls, a client does not need to leave the page she is making calls from.  She simply clicks on the contact and takes notes about the call.  If the client did not answer, she can simply mark it as unanswered.

This note-taking feature of our Integrated CRM Dialer allows our customers to stay organized and keep track of their customer relationships under one platform.

To farther enhance the experience of a CRM with CIA, our Integrated CRM Dialer also saves all contact information in the CIA portal.  This ensures that an analyst will not lose track of new customers.  The Integrated CRM Dialer also helps improve customer relationships by allowing the analyst to easily put these contacts into groups.

These contacts will be key to an analyst and require no extra work of her.  All the information stays on the same platform, and the entire process remains simple and uniform.

Finally, CIA also offers a call record log with their Integrated CRM Dialer.  This allows our clients to see all calls they have made and judge their success rates.  It’s a vital piece of what makes CIA Omnigage’s Integrated CRM Dialer product an effective CRM.

CIA Omnigage’s products offer to click to dial services as well as an Integrated CRM features that make the company the top choice for Wall Street banks.  Our reliability and compliance have shined on Wall Street for nearly two decades.  Let us show you how an Integrated CRM Dialer can improve your results.