Seeking Cover From MIFID II

Seeking Cover From MIFID II

Client Instant Access Solutions That Can Integrate With Your CRM

When the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) takes effect on January 1, 2018, financial services firms with offices anywhere in the EU will need to comply with its requirements.

The Challenge of Supervision and Compliance

As part of MiFID II, firms providing investment advice or portfolio management will no longer be able to accept any type of benefit – monetary or not – from third parties in relation to client service, due to the real or perceived conflict of interest such as payments can create.

Firms offering research services will need to properly document all communications in order to properly charge for services. However, many firms are struggling with the requirement to supervise employees’ communications for compliance. MiFID II is clear that organizations will need to take a risk-based approach to capture and supervising not only written communications but also voice calls.

Solutions Designed to Help Firms Comply

Complying with MiFID II is not optional. Fortunately, Client Instant Access (CIA) has tools that can help.

Integrated CRM Dialer

Firms that use CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer tool are able to demonstrate compliance because the tool captures more than just who was called and when the call occurred.

In addition to creating efficiencies and enhancing professionalism, a CRM Dialer allows callers to keep notes for each call. Firms can use these notes to document the substance of the call, helping substantiate determinations about whether the discussion was research-related or not.

Blast Voice Mail

CIA’s Blast Voice Mail solution can also help firms comply with MIFID II by using our intuitive web-based tool to record and send pre-recorded messages. Because the content of such messages is preserved, it’s easier for firms to confirm their compliance with the rule’s mandates.

Integration with Your CRM

Both the CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail solutions integrate with the most popular CRMs in use by financial services firms today.

This means that call activity is automatically tracked, and that even large-scale voice message blasts can be mapped into your CRM and tracked.

Whether your firm uses Salesforce, Tier One, Single Track or another CRM, both CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail solutions from Client Instant Access can integrate directly with your CRM – helping you meet the requirements of MIFID II by tracking communications and substantiating your firm’s communications between firms offering research and firms paying for such services.

To learn more, contact CIA today online, or by calling (888) 226-9075.

MiFID II Updates and Guidance

Banks and capital markets institutions responding to

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II legislation is fast approaching.  Just about every large Bank and Capital Markets Institution has started preparations.  It is critical that any organization have a thorough understanding of the impact on operations and a clear plan for implementation.  By far the largest impact will be on the technology component and how a solution can be implemented.

We found the articles listed below helpful and worth reading.   Client Instant Access is ready to assist clients with powerful and intuitive solutions to meet these required compliance changes.  Ask us about our MiFID ready compliance solutions, such as our Integrated CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail.

Compliance is King

Compliance is King

How a web-based CRM dialer in a regulated industry can help keep your team within the law

When you are on the front line of compliance, every client interaction has the potential for risk. If a member of your organization goes off script, the potential fallout could have serious implications on your bottom line. In regulated sectors as diverse as finance, health care, and education, critical information must be protected and communication must fall within existing protocols.

To stay within the law, a wide range of businesses and organizations have come to rely on automated systems for making calls that require regulatory oversight. The advantages are clear: automating as much of the process as possible means you will deliver messages in a consistent and clear manner, with the additional benefit of saving time and reducing costs.

Stakeholders at large financial and health care organizations know that they must document their communications to comply with the law and their own internal regulations. They also have a mandate to control costs and to streamline operations whenever possible. Using a web dialer, such as Integrated CRM Dialer from Client Instant Access, gives them a number of advantages.

  • Knowledge – All phone calls are logged and processed. All records of communications are stored for easy access by the user and the user’s manager, making it an excellent tool for adhering to compliance requirements.
  • Simplicity – The CRM Dialer can be easily integrated with your customer relationship management software or used as a standalone product. The program stores all your contacts and allows you to make call “lists” to maximize the efficiency of every call you make.
  • Consistency – If employees read from a script, it is difficult to be certain that they are following it carefully, without direct and continual oversight from managers.  A CRM Dialer program ensures that the same recorded message will be delivered to the recipient’s voicemail every time. When using the system to connect with people who answer before voicemail kicks in, users can begin the call with a personal introduction and then deploy the recording.
  • Security – Cloud-based products require zero maintenance from the end-user. The cloud computing services provider’s IT team monitors the system, updating it as needed, and constantly protecting the data from criminal hackers.
  • SOC 2 – The Client Instant Access CRM Dialer is compliant with Service Organization Control 2, which has to do with the five areas of availability, confidentiality, privacy, processing integrity, and security. Organizations, particularly those involved in the finance industry, will want to work only with a SOC 2-compliant CRM Dialer to make sure they are meeting reporting standards.

Switching to a CRM Dialer powered by cloud computing and tying it into your CRM gives you flexibility and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are meeting your regulatory obligations.

For more information on CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer application, visit or call (973) 439-0088.

Why Wall Street Trusts Client Instant Access To Handle Communication Needs

Why Wall Street Trusts Client Instant Access To Handle Communication Needs

The Provider of Choice on Wall Street

Since its birth in 1997, Client Instant Access has acquired a long list of the most impressive Wall Street banks as clients.  But how could one company quietly build so many strong relationships with major banks?  The answer is a combination of the company’s strong products, and more specifically, the built-in compliance solutions.

With three major products, Blast Voicemail, Integrated CRM Dialer, and Conference Calling, Client Instant Access has had nearly two decades of success with the banking and financial industries.  The usefulness of all three products is the biggest reason for this.  All three seek to limit research analysts’ time in making calls and allow them to get their message across to hundreds of people in a short amount of time.

Since time is a precious resource on Wall Street when it comes to making calls, the CIA has strived.  The efficiency of a click to dial a product that works well with CRMs has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool on Wall Street.

Another factor that has led to Client Instant Access being a provider of choice on Wall Street is compliance.  CIA is SOC 2 compliant that ensures that all calls and content used through the CIA will be kept private and secure.

Through doing this, the CIA has earned the trust of Wall Street firms.  Trust is incredibly valuable when trying to serve the needs of bigger clients in regulated industries, and good compliance and security is a critical component.

Blast Voicemail and our CRM Dialer are the two most widely used products that the CIA offers clients.  They allow Financial Institutions to communicate with their clients on a grand scale in a condensed time frame.  By creating contact lists and taking notes, an analyst can also stay organized, keep in compliance, and maximize efficiency.

The large scale on which Wall Street operates makes it difficult to stay ahead.  CIA can help a Wall Street bank or Financial Institution manage the pace and time of daily transactions and helps companies gain an edge, as well as for trim inefficiencies.  This is ultimately what has kept Wall Street firms and Financial Institutions as a client for almost 23 years.