Secure Conference Calling

Using a free conference call service can be a huge security risk for many users. When hosting a live call there are not many ways to tell who is dialing and how secure your conference call actually is. Having a premium and reliable conference call service, such as CIA Omnigage allows businesses to host a productive call experience. Our premium conference call service adds an extra layer of security and makes sure only approved participants are allowed onto the call. For example, participants may be required to give a Pin to enter the conference call. It is more important in today’s age to have maximum security when hosting a conference call and be able to show participants they can rely on CIA Omnigage to give them a secure and premium experience that even free conferencing services can’t provide.

Live Operator Assisted Conference Calling

In addition, free conferencing services can’t provide any assistance during a conference call if something goes wrong. CIA Omnigage offers Operator-Assisted Conference Calls, which are managed by live operators who are highly trained and are able to assist you in every step of the way. Live Operators are able to collect participant data, which could be used for future reference. For calls that have 200+ participants, a live operator can be very helpful in making sure everyone gets onto the call in a professional and timely manner.

Dial-Out Conference Calling

Free conference calling services do not allow dial-out capabilities, which can be very beneficial for premium users. Live operators are able to dial out to the chairperson or to any participants at the start of a conference call. This gives participants a sense that they are being cared for an can be assisted in any way possible.

Digital Recording and Playback

Having a digital recording and playback is another feature that free conference calling services can’t offer users. A recording can be used for participants who may have dialed in late to a conference call or it can be useful for future reference. Event conference call transcripts are also another premium feature that CIA Omnigage offers. Companies are able to have access to a typed document of the conference call and can send it to a selected audience.

Advanced Sound Quality on Conference Calls

Lastly, sound quality is a huge issue for free conference calling services and is a top complaint from participants. CIA Omnigage’s advanced technology offers crystal clear lines that have made us the choice of Fortune 500 companies for more than 23 years.

Premium Conference Calling Provider

Overall, free conference calling services do not provide the top-level customer service, security, and level of quality that many premium users are in need of. CIA Omnigage offers top-end security features that make sure any sensitive information is safe and not heard by any unapproved participants. They have live operator assistance which helps make sure everything runs in a professional manner. These top features remove stress and any other challenges that participants may face using a free conference calling service. Although free is hard to say no to, it is easy to realize why CIA Omnigage is a top conference call provider in the financial sector.