Elections 2020: Instant Access to Voters

Elections 2020: Instant Access to Voters

The 2020 Election is a month away and it’s crucial that campaigners employ the right tools to keep the general public engaged. Nearly three quarters of Americans remain wary of social media platforms and large technology behemoths misusing their information, so it’s important that people have the peace of mind that technology is secure and non-obtrusive.

Multi-channel communications platforms make this possible by providing a simple and secure way to reach voters instantaneously with real-time notifications in a more secure, virtual environment. As Election Day quickly approaches, it’s not too late to deploy the necessary communication resources and connect with voters, regardless of location.

Real-time Information

During an election, communication strategies must be implemented with great efficiency in mind. With 2020 already being positioned as ‘the remote vote’ campaign, candidates that embrace multi-channel communication tools can more effectively keep their followers up-to-date on breaking news, key event dates and important voting information via voicemail, SMS and email. Informing and engaging voters right up until election day could make or break a voter’s final decision.

CIA Omnigage’s Omnialert powers remote, cloud-based connectivity and allows campaigners to initiate notifications to their entire campaign staff and the broader voting contingent from anywhere at any time. These messages can be scheduled, pre-recorded, and senders can view consolidated lists of responses and metrics after messages are sent.

Users can also customize workflows and set an alert for any undelivered SMS’ to make a follow-up phone call and resend messages to recipients who did not respond the first time around. Through innovative communication tools, campaigners can stay on top of their game and ensure voters are informed 24/7.

Smart, Integrated Solutions

In the age of sophisticated technology and ubiquitous data, voters obtain most of their information during the home stretch of election season and through online political polls. These polls gauge public opinion and seek valuable insights to voting patterns and predictions. However, gathering this critical data can be a laborious and time consuming task that often features a low response rate. Fortunately, multi-channel communication platforms enable polltakers to reach a great number of voters in a more straightforward and efficient manner.

With the Integrated CRM Dialer, a unique click-to-call feature allows pollsters to dial numbers and work through a lengthy contact list quickly. Built with efficiency in mind, the CRM Dialer can easily compile a contact list of polling volunteers for easy access to voters; the user simply clicks a name and the line automatically dials the voter’s number. These lists can also store thousands of contacts, allowing pollsters to reach a larger audience.

The Right Resources

During an election, communication strategies must be implemented with great efficiency in mind. Both Omnialert and CRM Dialer’s main features are designed with speed, accuracy and transparency to bolster businesses and political campaigns that are looking to make waves and build relationships.

Instant access to voters is especially important while much of the public remains under some sort of lockdown or quarantine during the pandemic. With the right resources, the general public can stay-up-to-date and informed on the most current election news until November 3rd – and beyond.

CIA Omnigage Launches Virtual Corporate Access Roadshow Concierge Service

CIA Omnigage Launches Virtual Corporate Access Roadshow Concierge Service

Parsippany, NJ & New York, NY; September 15, 2020 – CIA Omnigage, a provider of premium multi-channel communications solutions, has launched a virtual concierge roadshow service for financial institutions to address the transforming Corporate Access model within a remote working environment. With firms gravitating towards long-term remote working conditions, CIA Omnigage’s new service provides a greater level of flexibility and security as communication dynamics across the financial services continue to evolve.

CIA Omnigage’s concierge virtual roadshow offering allows firms to seamlessly organize and schedule large scale, sector-specific events with the ability to host as many management teams and investors as needed. Corporate Access meetings – which traditionally take place in person – are a pivotal element of the financial ecosystem, offering investors an opportunity to meet company management teams in small, personalized settings.

Due to strict security standards required by host firms, virtual events during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic were challenging and sometimes proved to be problematic. In order to address these issues and ensure optimal efficiency in a virtual Corporate Access environment, CIA Omnigage’s white glove virtual roadshow offering will include:

  • A private, secure virtual conference room designated for each management team
  • A CIA Omnigage lead operator assigned to each room to ensure security and workflow efficiency throughout the meeting
  • A dedicated portal for each management team for real-time visibility into session attendance with CIA Omnigage’s proprietary chat feature as a direct communication channel to each lead operator 

“Everything in today’s financial landscape is going digital and in order to keep up, firms need to employ a robust multi-channel communications approach,” said Dan Duran Co-CEO of CIA Omnigage. “Our new service not only offers firms the security and efficiency they need in Corporate Access but also the peace of mind that the process will not be compromised as a result of going virtual.”

The service supports MIFID compliance by tracking attendance and generating attendance reports. Following each meeting, CIA Omnigage will provide clients with a detailed report on session attendance, management, and investor feedback. 


About CIA Omnigage

CIA Omnigage specializes in communications technology for the financial sector and other B2B markets. Its unified platform is supported by a global infrastructure that delivers click-to-dial, voice/SMS/email blast and conference calling solutions. It integrates seamlessly with any commercial CRM or internal system to track client interactions and provides regulatory compliant reporting. Trusted by capital markets for more than two decades, CIA Omnigage’s 24-hour customer service center is staffed by experienced industry professionals ensuring clients benefit from the fastest, most reliable, and flexible services available. Learn more at www.callcia.com

Media Contact:
P.J. Kinsella
EVP, Media Relations, Paragon PR
+1 (973) 255-7153

Introducing CIA Omnigage

Introducing CIA Omnigage

Secure, intuitive multi-channel communication platforms have never been more critical to the success of businesses than they are right now. 23 years ago, Client Instant Access (CIA) was founded to provide conference calling services to financial institutions. As customer needs evolved, CIA added features such as Blast Voicemail and Integrated CRM Dialer Capabilities, which revolutionized the way analysts and salespeople connected with their clients. CIA quickly became – and is still today – regarded as the industry standard in Conference Calling and telephony communications. 

Digital Transformation projects and more robust client engagement practices have shifted the need yet again to a more integrated and accelerated approach to communication that cannot be met with basic solutions from free platforms.

Welcome to CIA Omnigage. Our new brand – supported by our informative and interactive new website – combines the experience and trust of Client Instant Access with the next-generation technology of the Omnigage platform, providing everything users need in a cohesive and multi-faceted solution suite. We’ve leveraged our deep industry expertise in the fast-paced and highly regulated financial sector to create solutions for our other client sectors including Health, Legal, Tech, Education, Government, Entertainment, and more. With CIA Omnigage, there’s a way for everyone to stay connected. 

Whichever method of communication your customers prefer, CIA Omnigage provides an optimal solution that enables relationship building to be streamlined, personalized and secure.

We encourage you to browse the new website and subscribe to our newsletter, where you’ll receive the latest updates, insights and industry best practices from the CIA Omnigage team. Join us as we continue driving multi-channel engagement to a more digitally-powered ecosystem and empower faster, better and more seamless communication. 

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to many great things to come.

[USE CASE] American multinational investment bank receives secure and compliant data solution

[USE CASE] American multinational investment bank receives secure and compliant data solution


An American multinational investment bank and financial services company needed a solution for analysts and sales to disseminate data. With workforces away from their office desk and working from home, interacting with customers has changed. Employees need to BYOD without losing privacy and call logging.


A CTI that natively integrates into Salesforce that can be leveraged within the organization’s custom data hierarchy. The CTI provides an SDK for leveraging events for customizing workflows, such as when a call completes, automatically populating fields of the call report.


Employees were able to use their phones without sacrificing privacy and ensure that call logs were recorded in real-time. Analysts were able to securely share content with sales while ensuring compliance.

WatersTechnology People Moves: BNP Paribas, CIA Omnigage, Capco, IHS Markit, EOSE Data

WatersTechnology People Moves: BNP Paribas, CIA Omnigage, Capco, IHS Markit, EOSE Data

CIA Omnigage Names Dan Duran Co-CEO New Jersey-based telecomms company CIA Omnigage has announced the appointment of Dan Duran as its new co-CEO, effective Sept. 1. Among objectives in his new role are pursuing strategic partnerships with other firms and a rebranding project, as the company begins to shift, in part, away from telecommunications and toward becoming a multi-channel communications… read more on WatersTechnology