Introducing The Latest in Emergency Management

Introducing The Latest in Emergency Management

When every second counts…

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CIA Omnigage Emergency Alert Button for Broadcast Messaging

The CIA Omnigage Emergency Alert Button places a device at your finger tips that allows you to launch a multi-channel (Voice, Text & e-mail) message to a list of contacts you define to alert them to an emergency at your location with a click of a button. The button can be configured to launch three separate alert-types based on a short-click, long-click or double-click.

Please see a recent segment featured on News12 New Jersey regarding our latest technology designed to enhance school security and optimize incident response times:

Please contact CIA Omnigage today to schedule a demo and receive more information on our latest emergency management communication technology.

Streamline Client Communications to Drive Capital Markets Productivity & Revenue Growth

Streamline Client Communications to Drive Capital Markets Productivity & Revenue Growth

Doug discusses how the seamless integration of Tier1’s advanced CRM tools with CIA Omnigage enables users to streamline communications with their capital markets clients, increase efficiency and maximize the potential of their client interactions.

While traditional methods of communication still has an important role to play in capital markets, strategies are evolving and there is growing demand from market participants for advanced, customized engagement technology that satisfies regulatory compliance requirements.

Tools for an Effective Investment Banking and Capital Markets Communications Strategy  

A robust CRM supported by multi-channel communication tools streamlines business processes and reinforces compliance protocols. Integrating these tools maximizes the functionality and value of each, and creates a streamlined communication environment in which sales, research, and trading desks can exchange ideas and work efficiently to ensure that all client deliverables are actioned promptly. This ultimately drives revenue-generating relationships.

Capital markets collaboration and partnership

Through Tier1’s longstanding partnership with CIA Omnigage, a specialist in communications technology for capital markets, we have created an environment that allows institutional banking and capital markets professionals to communicate seamlessly with their clients and each other.

Tier1’s flexible open architecture provides end-users with a single pane of glass view and integrates seamlessly with CIA, which simplifies visibility, enables client interactions to be tracked, delivers regulatory-compliance reporting, and allows research analysts and salespeople to get in front of clients easily.

This powerful combination of Tier1’s software and with CIA’s telephony, streamlines outreach to clients with templates to prescript voice messages and call reports whilst enabling an omni-channel platform supporting voice, email, and SMS, with robust insights into engagement statistics.

The integration of CIA Omnigage Click-to-Dial with Tier1’s core CRM solution not only creates a more collaborative ecosystem – it also increases productivity, saving users nearly 12 minutes for every 10 calls made, and a whole hour for every 50 calls. By the end of a full work week, this translates to almost an entire extra day of time saved that can be repurposed toward servicing clients and developing research. In fact, our advanced workflows on average deliver 20% + productivity with client engagement often leading to better revenue outcomes.

Deriving maximum value from your Outlook communications  

Tier1’s Outlook + Plugin (TFO+) is an advanced integrated CRM email tool enhanced by CIA Omnigage. TFO+ bridges the gap between your email workflows and the CRM, enabling more effective and efficient communication, and tracking of mass email distribution to clients and prospects – obviating the need to spend hours on personalizing individual emails for blindly guess success metrics. By leveraging your CRM contact data, interest lists, and coverage combined with automation and workflow tools, TFO+ lets you target your research, ideas, and messages directly from Outlook – successfully.

CIA is SOC2-certified and has been engineered to meet critical regulatory guidelines, while Tier1 manages the increasing levels of relationship risk that exists between buy-side and self-side counterparties in an increasingly regulated financial landscape. As regulatory oversight expands, markets must become more automated, and communication methods become more sophisticated. It is therefore imperative that firms eliminate inefficiencies that may have a detrimental effect on client relationships.

After all, a robust multi-channel communication network may be the difference between a new relationship and a lost one.

For more information on the benefits of Tier1’s integration with CIA Omnigage provides for capital markets clients communications, contact us today.

CIA Omnigage 25th Anniversary Announcement

CIA Omnigage 25th Anniversary Announcement

CIA Omnigage is grateful to announce our 25th anniversary! Reaching this milestone would not be possible without our clients. As we move through 2022 and reflect on our accomplishments over the last quarter-century and look ahead to the next, we want to extend our deepest appreciation to our clients. You have made our silver anniversary possible and we look forward to continuing to work every day to ensure CIA’s products and services promote your success.

Throughout 2022 we plan to bring your content that reflects on the past, present and future of CIA Omnigage. We hope you enjoy and we welcome any feedback.

Sign our 25th anniversary guest book below and at the end of the year we will select 25 random entries and reward each entry with a $25 Amazon gift card.

CIA Omnigage and Singletrack announce partnership for Capital Markets

CIA Omnigage and Singletrack announce partnership for Capital Markets

New York and London; January 12, 2022 – CIA Omnigage, the multi-channel communications company, and Singletrack, the capital markets engagement platform, today announced a partnership for capital markets, delivering an integrated solution such that calls and voice-to-email blasts made via CIA Omnigage are automatically captured and logged in Singletrack CRM.

Enabling this automatic data capture means that mutual clients of the two firms can more easily track these interactions, alongside others such as emails and meetings, producing a full picture of activity with their customers without having to manually log the interaction. This is essential if the customer is operating under MiFID II rules, and vitally important for any firm wishing to understand how they are servicing their clients.

“CIA Omnigage has been supporting users in the financial industry for 24 years. We initially provided blast voicemail for research analysts on Wall Street and we quickly became the provider of choice by firms globally. We expanded our suite of services to include a range of other solutions to enhance client communication strategies for our end-users. Through our partnership with Singletrack, our integrated communications services are significantly more valuable to clients as interactions are automatically logged in a CRM,” stated CEO Joseph Vaccarella.

“Singletrack is committed to constant improvement of the service we provide, and this partnership with CIA Omnigage makes our clients’ lives easier by removing the necessity to log calls and call-to-emails. This ambient data capture is another step on the journey to data driven advisory, where digital transformation will yield deep customer behavior insights for our clients to better understand customer needs and improve service levels,” said CEO Stuart Berwick.


About CIA Omnigage

CIA Omnigage specializes in communications technology for the financial sector. Its unified platform is supported by a global infrastructure that delivers click-to-dial, voice/SMS/email blast, conference calling services and virtual event solutions. The firm delivers secure and reliable communications services to capital markets professionals to enable efficient client interactions that adheres to an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. CIA Omnigage supports its technology with first-class customer support ensuring its users gain the most value from the service.

About Singletrack

Singletrack is the #1 CRM for leading independent banks and research providers. With offices in London and New York, and over 50 clients around the globe, Singletrack is leading the way in capital markets engagement and research management.

[USE CASE] A regional theater is able to effectively communicate  to their patrons by sending out SMS alerts regarding show cancellations

[USE CASE] A regional theater is able to effectively communicate to their patrons by sending out SMS alerts regarding show cancellations


I am a ticketing manager for a regional theatre. We have reopened our facility and began our fall season in mid-September. We are so excited to be providing live entertainment for our patrons again, but pandemic related challenges remain and we need to proactively manage these challenges. The two most pressing challenges my theatre will encounter are show cancellations and ensuring compliance with our building entry policy. In previous outreach efforts, we have found that posting information on our website alone is too passive and most patrons will miss information posted there. We also used email alerts in the past and though this channel improved the success rate of communication, we found a majority of patrons still missed messages in their e-mail inbox.


We have chosen to use a secure emergency text message system for ticket holders to effectively communicate our building entry policy and notify patrons regarding show cancellations. I selected the Omnigage platform for my SMS messaging because this emergency text message service provides my team and I an easy-to-use and cost effective platform to create customer distribution lists, compose a message and rapidly distribute the message to the relevant customers. As an added bonus, the platform allows my team and I to view the delivery results in real-time and receive replies from our audience.


Having an emergency text alert system to send out SMS (text) alerts has proved effective and we have received positive feedback from our patrons. The SMS channel is the method of communication most likely to gain the attention of your audience and ensure your message is received. That said, our theatre is careful to use SMS alerts for essential communication only as we do not want to overuse this method for non-essential messages and potentially lose the attention of our audience. Overall, this emergency text message system has significantly improved the success rate of my customer outreach campaigns.