CIA Omnigage Launches Virtual Corporate Access Roadshow Concierge Service

CIA Omnigage Launches Virtual Corporate Access Roadshow Concierge Service

Parsippany, NJ & New York, NY; September 15, 2020 – CIA Omnigage, a provider of premium multi-channel communications solutions, has launched a virtual concierge roadshow service for financial institutions to address the transforming Corporate Access model within a remote working environment. With firms gravitating towards long-term remote working conditions, CIA Omnigage’s new service provides a greater level of flexibility and security as communication dynamics across the financial services continue to evolve.

CIA Omnigage’s concierge virtual roadshow offering allows firms to seamlessly organize and schedule large scale, sector-specific events with the ability to host as many management teams and investors as needed. Corporate Access meetings – which traditionally take place in person – are a pivotal element of the financial ecosystem, offering investors an opportunity to meet company management teams in small, personalized settings.

Due to strict security standards required by host firms, virtual events during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic were challenging and sometimes proved to be problematic. In order to address these issues and ensure optimal efficiency in a virtual Corporate Access environment, CIA Omnigage’s white glove virtual roadshow offering will include:

  • A private, secure virtual conference room designated for each management team
  • A CIA Omnigage lead operator assigned to each room to ensure security and workflow efficiency throughout the meeting
  • A dedicated portal for each management team for real-time visibility into session attendance with CIA Omnigage’s proprietary chat feature as a direct communication channel to each lead operator 

“Everything in today’s financial landscape is going digital and in order to keep up, firms need to employ a robust multi-channel communications approach,” said Dan Duran Co-CEO of CIA Omnigage. “Our new service not only offers firms the security and efficiency they need in Corporate Access but also the peace of mind that the process will not be compromised as a result of going virtual.”

The service supports MIFID compliance by tracking attendance and generating attendance reports. Following each meeting, CIA Omnigage will provide clients with a detailed report on session attendance, management, and investor feedback. 


About CIA Omnigage

CIA Omnigage specializes in communications technology for the financial sector and other B2B markets. Its unified platform is supported by a global infrastructure that delivers click-to-dial, voice/SMS/email blast and conference calling solutions. It integrates seamlessly with any commercial CRM or internal system to track client interactions and provides regulatory compliant reporting. Trusted by capital markets for more than two decades, CIA Omnigage’s 24-hour customer service center is staffed by experienced industry professionals ensuring clients benefit from the fastest, most reliable, and flexible services available. Learn more at

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Conference Operator Parsippany, NJ

Conference Operator Parsippany, NJ

Job Description

Client Instant Access, based in Parsippany, NJ, is one of the leading providers of communication and technology solutions for the financial, healthcare and many other industries. We are looking for a team member to join our operations group. In this role you will provide first-level customer support and service management for our high-profile client-base. We are experiencing rapid growth and are seeking a person dedicated to customer success. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual to be part of the evolution of CIA and its expansion. Gain invaluable technology and operations experience in a fast-growing industry.

We are looking for an Operations Associate to join our team. You will have the opportunity to interact and support our high-profile clients in the financial services and healthcare industries. As an Operations Associate you will promote customer success through event management and quality assurance efforts.

Compensation: Reply with a request.

Additional Benefits: Health and Dental Plans provided


  • You will be part of a team supporting our suite of client engagement products, specifically our event conference call and webcast solutions.
  • Responsible for maintaining operations process workflow including client request management, best practices for data integrity and secure exchange of information, and thorough follow-up for customer trouble tickets.
  • Participate in regular department meetings to discuss and implement procedures to enhance the customer experience.

Requirements: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. Self-motivated; team-player; problem solver; decision maker.

Job Level: Experienced frequent user of Microsoft Office Suite. Comfortable speaking with clients on the phone. Open minded to coaching and training.

Industry Technology: Telecommunications, Healthcare, Education, Legal, Entertainment, Customer Service

Employment Type:


Job Functions:

Event Management
Customer Support

1st Level Troubleshooting
Customer training and service demos

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to Michael Priore at

Conference Calling For The Legal Industry

Conference Calling For The Legal Industry

The legal industry depends on conference calling to ensure the success of client communications.  Lawyers not only require that client information remains confidential and secure, but they also need access to all associated information after the call is completed.  When choosing a conference calling service Lawyers to have a number of requirements.  These include


Privacy and security are critical in the Legal Industry. It is mandatory that a Lawyer have access to a secure conference call company.  A Lawyer must be able to control the participants allowed to listen in on a scheduled call and request any additional security measures if needed. Lawyers are required to guarantee that the call participant on a hosted call is the intended audience. The operator hosting the call has specific steps to establish a protocol for a call participant to enter the live call, which also includes a few conference call security options, such as PIN Required Conference Call, Operator Assisted Conference Call with a pre-Approved list, and a Conference Call Portal. When a PIN is required in a conference call the conference type is offering maximum security, data capture for call participation, and the convenience of the automated access. The registration web site is provided and two levels of security are required for call access (i.e. Conference code and PIN). There also might be a situation when you might need to do an Operator Assisted Conference Call with a pre-Approved list. This is a conference that offers maximum security, data capture for call participation, and participants are only required to know a conference ID or name. Clients must also give a client-defined “approved list” so operators know who to add to the call. “Live operators” manage conference access and the security, which allows for immediate communication to the call organizer should a discrepancy regarding call access arise. Lastly, there is the Conference Call Portal, which provides “real-time” participation information and a chat feature for a direct communication channel to the operator. At any time a client can request a participant to be removed or contacted to gather more information if required. Many of the largest Law Firms have come to rely on us to provide the highest level of service and quality for hosting large group conference calls hosted earnings calls and hosted event calls that require maximum security and reliability.

Mute Button

We’ve heard so many horror stories about inappropriate remarks on conference calls, where the person is under the false impression that their line is muted.  This can be particularly important for lawyers, who may be in the same room as a colleague or client and want to discuss the progress of the meeting or a particular negotiation point.

Dial-out conference call

In many situations, there is a requirement that the conference call center organizes the call and bring the participants indirectly.   The operator will have a list of all participants with a name and phone number.  The operator will directly call each defined person on the list and add each participant to the scheduled call.   The Lawyers organizing the call can include special instructions with client-defined settings, including the following: names and phone number of each person to be connected, time to connect each participant, order to connect each participant, and a matter number

Conference recording

For a lawyer, it is incredibly valuable to have complete client records.  Perhaps no other premium conference calling service is more critical than the ability to record the call and have it saved for future reference. In addition, it can be beneficial for participants who may have been late or not present during the call. Some law groups may even publish and it allow access to the public.

Conference transcription

Having a conference call transcribed to a text file allows a lawyer to circulate a summary to any related parties in a legal case. Our experienced team can translate your conference call after completion so that you have access to a file that is detailed and can be accessible at any time.

Custom Greetings

Live conference call operators will read a custom introduction at the start of each call to convey an agenda for the legal conference call.

Law Firms host conference calls as a critical function in their business.  Choosing the best premium conference calling platform for the legal industry is the logical choice since expectations for these important event conference calls are extremely high and very few premium conferences calling providers can be trusted.

How to Successfully Host a Large Audience Conference Call Event

How to Successfully Host a Large Audience Conference Call Event

Successfully hosting a large event conference call is critical for a large business in the financial industry. There is absolutely no margin for error when communicating important messages to a large audience. Smart communication administrators rely on premium conference call providers with a track record they trust as well as years of experience working with large Fortune 500 companies.

At CIA Omnigage we offer the tools you need to host a productive event conference call.  These premium conference call tools include:

Host Large Audiences Conference Calls with 1,000’s of Participants

Companies that manage calls with 1,000’s of participants and need to ensure the success of these large event conference calls. Our company handles 1,000s of large audience conference calls each year as a result of our exceptional quality, service, and security.

Dedicated Operator Assistance On Event Conference Call

A dedicated team of live operators who gather any required participant information and can also create a registration page where participants must enter any required information to receive a PIN that allows them to enter the call. The live operator’s assistance also ensures a secure environment since only authorized participants can enter the call.  With hundreds, or even thousands, of registered participants, earnings calls must be carefully managed to ensure all callers receive critical information, while also allowing for organized interactions. Live conference call operators carefully follow the provided custom instructions from the conference call host to manage the call flow and meet expectations.

Managed Q & A Sessions

A live operator can control access on a call so that they can mute and unmute participants to allow for organized communications and interaction.

Custom Introductions

Live conference call operators can read a custom introduction at the start of each call to convey the agenda for the event conference call.

Live Stats In Conference Call Participant Portal

The event conference call host will have access to a portal that provides a view of call participation in real-time.  The portal will show any participants who have entered the queue to ask a question.

Digital Recording and Playback

When your event conference call is complete, a call recording can be extremely valuable. It allows a company to have its own record of the event conference call for future reference.  But it also allows a company to provide access to participants who may have been late or not present during the call. Some organizations even publish and allow access to the public.

Event Conference Call Transcripts

Our experienced team can translate your event conference call after completion so that you have access to a typed document that is accurate. This portable transcript can save time and money by giving a company the flexibility to send that document to a selected audience. With your team all on the same page, it can prevent any future disagreements or conflicts.

Advanced Conference Call Sound Quality

Eliminating background noise during an event conference call is a critical goal for any organization. Our advanced digital technology provides crystal clear lines that have made us the choice of Fortune 500 companies.

Tips For A Successful Event Conference Call

Have a Plan Prior to the Conference Call

It is especially important to have a plan before a large event conference call. Sending out invites before a call can help everyone stay on the same page and know when to call into the conference. In addition, forwarding an agenda to all users can give everyone a sense of how to be prepared and also a time estimate of how long the call will be. With many registered participants, event calls must be carefully structured to make sure that all callers receive information and can collaborate efficiently.

Mute Your Conference Call Lines

It is very crucial to mute your lines during a large conference call. Most companies can agree that background noise during a conference call can lead to increased stress. As a result, work productivity can drop down heavily. With a live operator, only those chosen to speak will be authorized leading to fewer interruptions.

Hold Questions Until the End of the Conference Call

It is always beneficial to hold Q&A until the end of the event conference call so that you can stick to the planned agenda.  During the introduction speech, it is important to state to participants that there will be time for Q&A at the end of the conference call.

Large Fortune 500 companies host earnings conference calls and large event conference calls daily on our premium conference call platform.  Expectations for these event conference calls are extremely high and very few premium conferences calling providers are trusted.   CIA Omnigage has been The Provider of Choice on Wall Street for over 23 years.

Operator Assisted Conference Calling Benefits

Operator Assisted Conference Calling Benefits

Operator Assisted Conference Calling requires well-trained operators who organize and manage conference calls for large organizations each and every day of the week. They must be highly qualified and able to manage complicated premium conference calls without any issues for the client.

If you ever have a large volume conference call with 100’s of participants, conference calling companies like CIA Omnigage have live operators that are trained to assist you every step of the process.  With a live operator at your disposal, a company will have confidence that conference call with run smoothly.

Before every call, a live operator meets with the assigned chairperson(s) to go over all vital information that requires discussion prior to the conference call. A business can choose between Dial-In/Dial-Out calls or Dial-In Only calls, wherein participants will dial into the conference or a live operator can dial out to specified participants at the scheduled start time. The live operator will give a customized introduction and discuss the details of the conference call. Lastly, the live operators will monitor the sound quality and make sure everything is operating the way it should be.

At the end of a call, a company can request a participant list and a recording of the conference call to share with anyone you want.

Benefits of Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Access to an Active Participant List

Live Operators collect information from each participant on an operator-assisted conference call. This allows clients to track who participated on the call and also acts as a detailed reference for future conference calls.

Premium Tools For Q & A Sessions

During a Q & A session, the live operator managing the call has the option to unmute and introduce participants who may have a question.

Control Over Approved Participant

On many conference calls, privacy and security with operator-assisted conference calls could be a critical factor. Live Operators have control over participant callers based on if they were invited to the conference call or not.

Custom Introductions by Live Operator

The live operator can read a custom introduction at the start of each call, which may convey the chairperson(s) name, as well as a description of what the conference call will be about.

Large Participant Calls With High Volume Attendance

For calls that might have over 100’s or even 1,000’s of participants, a live operator is an invaluable asset that can result in a successful call.

Many of the largest fortune 500 companies have come to rely on us to provide the highest level of service and quality for hosting large group conference calls, hosted earnings calls, and hosted event calls that require maximum security, reliability, and Operator Assistance on the Conference Call.